We'll send YOU 10 (N95) masks and our kit to make 1,200 servings of hydrogen water, plus our 200 page ebook about how hydrogen water will help your body for $297 with free Priority Mail.





"Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a gas with powerful antioxidant effects.


It works primarily by improving the redox status of the cell mitigating oxidative stress and inflammation.


Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe, so it can easily penetrate any membrane in your body.  


There are more than 1,000 publications on molecular hydrogen, demonstrating the therapeutic potential in numerous health conditions including diabetes, heart disease and stroke.  


There are several ways to administer hydrogen, including drinking hydrogen-rich water.  


Recommendation: Hydrogen water tablets – 1 tablet in purified water daily during a viral infection.


Anne Kelly MD, MPH

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Medical Director

Holland Biomedical Clinic

We just want everyone to know the TRUTH about drinking hydrogen water - it MAY HELP against coronavirus! 


Making your own provides a product that is FAR superior to what you'd buy:


Hi,  We’re Scott and Julie,

What is this about – why are you here?

If you want clean clear, organic H2 water at 3.5 to 9 PPM - AND N95 MASKS, you're in the right place.

  • If you want a basic understanding of what hydrogen water is and to know why hydrogen water is important to your health - just scroll down and watch the videos - first.  

We offer a simple kit to make the BEST and highest hydrogen content, hydrogen water available.

When you purchase the kit, it will make approximately 1,200 servings.

We provide a one year satisfaction money-back guarantee. 

Why such a long guarantee?


Although some people experience improvement in days - many need more time.   

The supply in the kit will last one person 300 days - it will make 1,200 eight ounce servings.


Tyler LeBaron - a Molecular Hydrogen Scientist and Director of the, (a non-profit organization), says it is best to drink at least 32 ounces or 4 eight ounce servings a day.

In order to get 4 servings a day, that means taking 4 tablets a day!  At $1 per tablet that's 4 x 365 days = $1,460 per year!


SAVE MONEY making your own hydrogen water!

Will making hydrogen water complicate your life?

You'll see how easy it is – it is simple to care for - safe to use and takes minutes to make.


Hydrogen water is good for the whole family, including children and expecting mothers.


Hydrogen water is part of the heavens - hydrogen makes up 75% of everything in the universe.


How is hydrogen water made commercially?

Expensive machines use electrolysis - which is when dis-similar metals are exposed to electricity.


The least expensive way you can make hydrogen water is by buying a commercial product:  

hydrogen tablets, which you'll drop into a glass of water.  They are about $1.00 a piece for an 8 ounce serving.

The first method, (above - electrolysis) is in NO WAY superior to the second way!!! 


In fact, electrolysis is INFERIOR to the kit you'll get from us - in strength of hydrogen, (PPM), in taste, and in maintenance - machines require time consuming and difficult cleaning and replacement of elements and filters!

  • Hydrogen is hydrogen is hydrogen!!!

The tablets you can buy use ground magnesium plus malic acid to make hydrogen. 


Your kit from us makes it in a similar way, but the magnesium in a solid, (99.99% pure, rod).

We use organic malic acid.  The tablets you can buy add additional chemicals that makes the hydrogen water taste bad.

We DO NOT add anything else.  The H2 water you'll make with our kit is ORGANIC - and it taste GREAT!


When you make hydrogen water with your kit, you'll ALSO make another product.

What is magnesium malate?

The combination of magnesium and organic malic acid makes Magnesium Malate - while generating hydrogen!


Magnesium malate is a superior form of magnesium - the best and most absorb-ale kind.


We INCLUDE a 200 page ebook when you purchase the kit - there is a chapter about magnesium malate - it will blow you away - what a great supplement it is!

If you go to Amazon and buy organic magnesium you'll pay: OVER $30 for an organic brand!

That is about a one month supply. 


In other words, you'll make superior H2 water with your kit - and you'll make another supplement worth $30 a month at the same time!!!

What do we want you to do?

Purchase our kit.  Make your own H2 in minutes for pennies a serving and wear your N95 masks to not get sick.

However, when you consider you'll be enjoying all the benefits of magnesium malate in addition to all the benefits strong, clean, pure, delicious, organic hydrogen water WHILE keeping the air you'll breath pure - how can you lose?


What is in the kit?

We provide a kit – a simple kit that will give you everything you need to make hydrogen water. 


  • The kit contains 16 ounce growler bottles used in home brewing of beer.


  • The kit contains solid magnesium rods that are 99.99% pure.


  • The kit contains malic acid – which is made from organic fruit like grapes, apples and pears.


You’ll simply put one magnesium rod in each bottle.  You’ll add a small amount of malic acid. 


You’ll fill each bottle absolutely full with boiling water.


You’ll close the latch on the lid and place each bottle in your refrigerator overnight.

It will pop like champagne when you open it. 


That is because the hydrogen produced during the night has caused some pressure in the bottle.


  • The stronger the pop, the more hydrogen there is in the bottle


Test kits are available for $25.  We know by the pop we get on each bottle about how much hydrogen is in each bottle.  We urge you to buy a test kit on Amazon.  


FEW companies that sell tablets or machines tell you what level of hydrogen they make. 

1.0 to 4 PPM is COMMON - if they tell you or not.    


We know our method makes between 3.5 and 9 Parts Per Million or PPM.  That is 50% more to more than double the amount made by virtually any hydrogen water machine, tablet or pop can of hydrogen on the market.

We know the above information because we went through 3 test kits.


The hydrogen made by your kit will taste better than any other hydrogen on the market.


Why don't you just buy tablets?

It will cost you $1,420 to drink the minimum amount of hydrogen water daily, for a year!

What is the VALUE of the kit you'll get from us?


The kit will make 1,200 eight ounce servings of SUPERIOR HYDROGEN PLUS ORGANIC MAGNESIUM MALATE - with the easy-to-follow information filled ebook, is easily worth $1,200!

Please realize, it took us 6 months of testing for safety before we found the right rod and the right amount of malic acid. 


By following our written simple directions, you’ll always be safe using your kit - from day one


We have now made almost 4,000 servings without any problems.

You'll get:









  • Your total cost is just $297.00


That makes sense, doesn't it?

Thanks for you time -  

Scott and Julie Linden

  • Push the blue button below to order


Priority mail is INCLUDED.  Order today - you should have it in 3 days or less.

You can call us to order by credit card or Pay Pal.  You can mail a money order or cashiers check to:  Julie Linden P.O. Box 2505 Victorville, CA  92393.

You can call or text us any time:  Scott & Julie 760-964-2336 

You must see the videos below!


Hydrogen water is REAL - there are scientific references and videos below.

If you're fighting cancer or heart disease, there is great hope and real science-based help in simply changing the water you drink from regular water to hydrogen water. 


Also - many studies show H2 water use will greatly reduce side effects from chemo and radiation (see videos just below).

Need $ help?  If you need to make payments, we can work with you.  Just call us.



The ebook contains scientific references regarding the effect of hydrogen on coronavirus.  Here is a simple explanation:

Hydrogen stops the spread of viruses.


Viruses are dangerous because they use your bodies immune system to make copies of themselves. 


Drinking hydrogen infused water can help the liver to suppress the viral replication.


H2 works boosting the immune cells to function at the optimum levels and stopping the spread and replication of the viruses.


Our immune system is the best virus fighter.  It can only perform best when its given the right environment. 

Molecular hydrogen h2 is the smallest yet the strongest antioxidant known to science. It is natural and non-toxic.

About the video below:


This man says he beat his cancer drinking hydrogen water with a $4,000 machine.  Our method for making it, makes stronger hydrogen water than the machine he used.  Your H2 will also be organic and taste better - for less!  (Not thousands of dollars).

The video below is a doctor telling about his heart patient's results with hydrogen water.  

The video below is a condensed overview of hydrogen and heart disease research.

The video below is a doctor reviewing a study done with chemotherapy and hydrogen water.  Hydrogen water can improve your chemo results while reducing chemo side effects.

The video below shows what happens when hydrogen water is added to chemotherapy treatment.

The video below is, "Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water" by Nobel Prize Nominee Dr GARTH NICOLSON Ph D

Immediately below are more videos about Hydrogen water. 


Below the videos is a question and answer section.

You can see about 1,000 scientific studies on a non-profit website, by clicking here:



(click the link to watch each video)

Skeptical neurologist excited about H2

Multiple Sclerosis: Registered Nurse gets relief


Years of Neck Pain


Lower Back Pain

Back Pain, General Pain, Fibromyalgia Pain


Knee Pain for Years


Acupuncturist -Totaled 3 Cars in one Year – Back Pain


Construction Carpenter Shoulder Joint Pain


Ankle Pain – Weight Loss – High Blood Pressure


Better sleep, amazing energy, and shoulder pain gone


Fibromyalgia is Nearly Gone


Relief From Lupus Symptoms

You can call or text 760-954-8104 (24/7) - please leave your phone number and say, "about hydrogen water" - if we don't answer.  We'll return your call ASAP.

We're EASY to talk to - this

isn't about MONEY!!!

  • Is hyrogen water wishful thinking?



As you probably know, buying hydrogen water is expensive - about $1 to $5 per serving.

What are we offering to you?


We sell a “starter pack” that makes 1,200 servings – at, 5.6 cents per serving of SUPERIOR and organic hydrogen water, (3.5 to 9 PPM).

  • We ship everything you need by Priority Mail

  • You won’t waste time finding the materials

  • You won’t wonder if you’ve purchased the right materials

  • You won’t have to experiment for months to get the amount and size of ingredients correct

  • You won’t have to experiment as to maintenance

  • You’ll have unlimited phone access to us – we’ll do research for you and email it

  • You’ll get our email newsletter – no B.S. – just important information

  • You’ll get our 200 page ebook about hydrogen and more

You’ll get very simple but very complete instructions so you can start out, making your own hydrogen water with no mysteries


How do we make hydrogen water?


We did the research, experimented with different materials and developed a very safe, quick, easy and effective way of making SUPERIOR hydrogen water at home. 

The reaction that makes the hydrogen is the same as is used in most other hydrogen producing products.


Is that true?  


Yes.  However, it took us 6 months of research and study and working with it, to get it to where we were comfortable offering it to friends – and then eventually to the public. 

How strong is the H2 water we make?


It is between 3.5 and 9.0 PPM - stronger than virtually any machine or other device on the market.

What about taste?

The hydrogen water you'll make taste better than anything you can buy!  You'll be drawn to it - WANTING to drink it!

What about safety?

SAFETY was our biggest concern.


What took so long?

By the time you read this, we will have made over 3,000 servings of Hydrogen water without incident - proof of safety. 


When people follow the simple instructions, they’ll be perfectly safe making their own hydrogen at home.


How do we make it?


We use clear, 16 ounce growler bottles. 


These are made for home brewing of beer.  We think they are the perfect size.  Clear glass lets anyone see what is happening inside the bottle. 


We use a magnesium rod that “lives” in each bottle. 


When we put a small amount of an acid made from organic apple, grapes or pears.  The acid reacts with the magnesium rod to make hydrogen in the bottle.

Don't be afraid of hydrogen as it is used in our method.

First, it is about 200 times below the level of intensity, (and volume) to cause an explosion or fire.

Don't worry about the magnesium rod.  It is 99.9% pure.  And yes, magnesium is a metal - and a tiny bit reacts with the malic acid to make hydrogen.  Magnesium is usually ground to a fine powder for capsules and pills, and hydrogen tablets.

The above reaction is the same way hydrogen tablets, bottles, sticks, and cups work.


How does the hydrogen gas get into the water?


Hydrogen is impressed into the water by the pressure created by the H2 gas. 


It is because the bottle is absolutely full of water – there is no place else for the hydrogen to go, but into the water.


Why do we put it in the refrigerator overnight?


The heat differential from boiling water, (220 F) to about 37 degrees Fahrenheit aids the production or reaction between the organic acid and the 99.99% pure

magnesium rod in the bottle.


How long does it take to make it each day?


We make enough for 4 adults each evening – for use all of the next day – in 10 minutes or less.


We use a glass tea kettle, (there’s a good one at Costco for about $30).

What type of water do we use?

We use distilled water. 


We fill the kettle and turn it on. 

The bottles are sitting on the counter because we drank them all.  (You can start with tap water or RO). 


The bottles don’t need to be washed, because with each batch, we fill them with boiling water, (and we never drink from them).


As the water is about to boil, we add the organic acid. 


When the water boils, we fill each bottle, seal the cap, and put them in refrigerator.  It is so fast and easy!


What about the rods, what size are they? 


Where do they come from?


We started out with rods from China, that they claimed were pure – they were not!  We now get the rods from another country and they are great.


We experimented with the rod size and finally found the ideal size.


Why would we send you the kit at just about what a bottle of tablets would cost?


This is a mission for us – to get affordable hydrogen water to people who can’t afford it otherwise. 


Do we make a profit?

Yes, we make a small wage because we have wholesale accounts with suppliers and we buy in bulk – but it also takes a long time to get supplies – a month or more. 

The small wage we make is enough to allow us to continue offering the Starter Pack. 


It allows us the time to talk on the phone, ordering supplies, packing the kits, paying for advertising, and to continue researching and writing about health alternatives for our FREE newsletter.

How long will it take for YOU to get the Starter Pack?

Typically - 2 to 3 days.

We mail the supplies to you quickly – by Priority Mail and include Priority Mail shipping in the price below.

When you order:

you can call us, 760-954-8104 or 760-964-2336 or click the "order now" blue button below.  You can send a cashier's check or money order to: 

Julie Linden P.O. Box 2505 Victorville, CA 92393.

If you're drinking hydrogen water by using a fancy machine or using tablets - you are cheating yourself and you're drinking INFERIOR hydrogen water that even TASTE INFERIOR!!!

NONE of the machines or the tablets are even ORGANIC!

  • Look at the FACTS:


4 - eight ounce servings - every day - is recommended by hydrogen water scientist for real results!

What would it cost you to do 4 servings a day with hydrogen tablets?

H2 tablets are about $1 per serving, (check Amazon).

Two people using tablets would spend $8.00 a day.

$8.00 x 365 days = $2,920.


Our Starter package: 5.6 cents a serving x 8 = 45 cents a day.

45 cents x 365 = $204.40  $2920 minus $164.25 = $2,755.75.

It is as easy as making coffee!  


You'll save:  




PLEASE STOP wasting $


You'll be drinking ORGANIC, clean, pure, cold, crisp, delicious, and POTENT hydrogen water, (3.5 to 9 PPM).

  • It pops like champagne! 

  • It bubbles like champagne!

  • It taste almost as good as champange!  

  • It is as easy as making coffee

  • SAVE$2,755.75 a year!

  • Does all of this sound like non-sense?


We're interested in your opinion.  Tell us what YOU think.  You be the judge:

  • 760-954-8104 (24/7) - text or call 


We make 8, eight ounce servings

in less than 10 minutes.

You can too!

Can it get you out of pain?  YES! 


You can pay $4,000 for an H2 machine or $3 a can.  Wasting money?  We're Not a fan!


  • What is our MISSION?  


"To get affordable hydrogen

water to everyone." 


Our HEARTS are in THIS!

We're EASY to talk to - this

isn't about MONEY!!!


  • Scott and Julie Linden

  • 760-954-8104 (24/7) - call or text


Are you worried? 

We'll give you our driver's license numbers - and references if you like!  Don't miss this amazing opportunity.

THE STARTER PACK INCLUDES INSTRUCTIONS plus our ebook - 200 pages - everything about hydrogen - and more.  The kit contains EVERYTHING you'll need to make superior H2 - 1,200 servings - SAFELY, EASILY, QUICKLY - a 2.5 month supply for two or 5 month for one! 

  • This is SUPER SIMPLE!!!

(At the same time, it took us 6 months of study and experimenting to get it RIGHT)!


  • Yes - we offer a MONEY-BACK 365 day: 







  • We'll send everything - shipping is included - FAST by PRIORITY MAIL!

  • (Shipping is FREE in the USA.  Additional shipping charges apply for Canada and EUROPE).

Hydrogen water eliminates pesticides and radiation from your body.  Scientific studies show PROOF!




You are going to LOVE the H2 water you make yourself 


Use a credit card or Pay Pal or mail a money order:

Call or text Scott & Julie 760-954-8104 (24/7)

Unlimited phone support included!

Medical Disclaimer:  Please consult your doctor or other medical professional before using any supplement, diet or alternative health therapy.  Hydrogen water or any supplement or diet cannot cure any disease or condition. 


Only pharmaceutical drugs and medical / surgical 

procedures performed by medical doctors can cure. 

However, some supplements and diets may give the body what it needs to help itself back to health. 


We are research writers - not health professionals.  What we speak or write is simply our opinion.  We are not prescribing or giving medical advice - here or anywhere. 


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