30 years ago, we were all convinced to shovel antioxidants down our throats for all the manifold benefits they would provide. Not so much . . .

Recently, hydrogen as a supplement has exploded in popularity.  It is now call the most powerful antioxidant known to humanity.  Hollywood is wild about it.  They spend $3 to $4 a glass to drink it.  There are even hydrogen bars in Hollywood . . .

This article may give you some incites about the present thinking regarding conventional antioxidants - and why you might want to drop them - and start drinking H2 water.

We use hydrogen water everyday.  After 6 months and after making and drinking hundreds of bottles of H2 water, we have developed a very safe and effective way to make superior hydrogen water for 7 cents a glass.  If this interest you, please visit  

  • What is wrong with conventional antioxidants?

A Chinese study published in Redox Biology found that antioxidant supplements increase aging – the opposite of what we all have been told.  The Chinese government has asked their public to stop taking antioxidant supplements.


In the U.S. one scientific study was stopped because many in the group taking antioxidants became ill.  One subject developed lung cancer. Another died.


Web MD:

Antioxidant Supplements and Death Risk. Taking vitamin A supplements increased the risk of death by 16%. Taking beta-carotene supplements increased the risk of death by 7%. Taking vitamin E supplements increased the risk of death by 4%. Taking vitamin C supplements did not have any effect on risk of death.


Washington Post:

Researcher Sean Morrison and his colleagues conducted experiments on mice that had been transplanted with skin cancer cells (melanoma) from human patients.


They gave nothing to one group.  To the other they gave doses of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) which is a common antioxidant that's used in nutritional and bodybuilding supplements and has been used as a treatment for patients with HIV/AIDS and in some children with certain genetic disorders.


The results were alarming:  Those in the second group had markedly higher levels of cancer cells in their blood, grew more tumors and the tumors were larger and more widespread than in the first.


"What we're starting to learn is that there can be bad cells from cancer that appear to benefit more from antioxidants than normal cells," he said in an interview.

Is there more evidence of conventional antioxidants not being what we thought? 

 There is much more evidence out on the net against conventional antioxidants.

This 6 minute video is worth watching:








This second video is also short - it is about hydrogen as an antioxidant:

  • Should you continue to take other conventional antioxidants and H2?


What is the biggest thing hydrogen water does?


Essentially, hydrogen lowers oxidative stress.  It eliminates hydroxyl free radicals – the worse free radical you can have – the one that causes the most damage, and other free radicals.


Should you continue to take your conventional antioxidants plus H2 water?


We all know about antioxidants - they kill or neutralize free radicals.  Without them, free radicals run around damaging our good cells – but conventional antioxidants - they don’t discriminate – they also wipe out desirable oxidants or free radicals that exist in many of our cells for our HEALTH


This is why, it has recently been discovered: conventional antioxidant supplementation is a BAD IDEA.  If you’re now taking any conventional antioxidants in pill or capsule form, it is our opinion you should stop.


  • Have you taken conventional antioxidants for years?


The truth is, not enough research was done before antioxidants exploded on the alternative health scene.  Antioxidants are now a huge business.


Now, finally, enough research has been done, (because long term studies have concluded) and it isn’t good news. 


Some huge and smaller studies have found that antioxidants give little benefit, while other studies show shorter life span and more health problems than those who don’t take conventional antioxidants.

  • ​What should we do?


We show people how to make hydrogen water at home.  Our ebook is available at:  You can make it for just 7 cents a serving.


When organic malic acid, (derived from fruit) reacts with 99.99% pure magnesium in water, hydrogen gas is produced and is impressed into the water.


Malic acid has been shown to be effective chelating agent, taking aluminum out of your system.  It is vital in the production of energy, and potentially a treatment for fibromyalgia related pain.  There is more information on magnesium malate in in our ebook.


  • Is H2 the most powerful antioxidant?


Hydrogen Water is the most powerful, safest, most gentle, effective, and SAFE anti-oxidant known to humanity.


  • Is hydrogen water alkaline water?


Hydrogen is not about PH or hydrogen ions, (alkaline) OR hydrogen peroxide. 


Therapeutic hydrogen gas impressed or enriched into water has nothing to do with the water molecules in the water it is impressed into, (water is H2O – 2 hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule). 


H2 gas – is just diatomic - it means 2 molecules of hydrogen (H2) – molecular hydrogen.  It is the smallest molecule in the universe - many, many times smaller than the oxygen molecule.  It can be inhaled.


Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest molecule in the Universe. It is 50,000 times smaller than the thickness of a hair and one liter of hydrogen gas weighs 90 mg under normal conditions of pressure and temperature; this is equal to three postage stamps.


Hydrogen makes up 75% of all matter.  It is so small; it will penetrate plastic and glass.


Hydrogen passes through the blood / brain barrier into your brain, when you drink hydrogen water.


H2 gas and hydrogen water is used in some studies and in all hospitals in Japan.  They s use H2 to reduce damage to the heart during open heart surgery.  


About 40% of the Japanese population drinks hydrogen water.  There are over 1,000 scientific studies on hydrogen gas and hydrogen water. 


Bubbling hydrogen gas into the water is one method used to enrich water with H2 gas.


Another method is a process called electrolysis.  It is the reaction of 2 dissimilar metals, when electricity is applied.  This method splits the water freeing the H2, (while also producing ozone and chlorine). 


The more expensive machines use a process that disposes of the ozone and chlorine – leaving pure H2 in the remaining water. These machines cost as much as $4,000.


Julie has a battery powered hydrogen bath generator.  It is battery powered and re-chargeable.  It sits on the bottom of the tub and puts hydrogen into the water.

A third method of creating H2 enriched water is the reaction between malic acid and magnesium in water – which produces hydrogen rich water and magnesium malate – also a fantastic supplement – as a by-product.


Making it is as easy as making coffee.  You may think the electrolysis method is superior.  None of the above products is superior to the other.


  • How much energy does hydrogen contain? 


Here is a very detailed article about hydrogen:


H2 is 3 times more energy dense than gasoline – that is why the development of the hydrogen fuel cell for cars.  Hydrogen for use in automobile hydrogen fuel cells is made from natural gas.


More efficient methods for producing hydrogen for vehicle H2 fuel cells must be found before it will be practical to replace gasoline.


When gasoline is burned in an automobile, carbon monoxide comes out the tail pipe.


When hydrogen burns as automotive fuel, water comes out the tail pipe.  You can see why the effort is being made toward practical H2 production for automotive fuel.


Hydrogen is what powers the sun.  Sun flares are hydrogen explosions.


H2 was responsible for the explosion of the Nazi Zeppelin air ship during the 1930s and for the hydrogen bomb dropped on Japan, ending World War ll.


Helium was the preferred fuel for air ships or Zeppelins, but helium is rare.  The U.S. refused to sell helium to Hitler.


The good year blimp is full of helium.  Helium is inert – it can’t be ignited.



  • Is hydrogen gas potentially explosive?


It ONLY becomes volatile when 5% hydrogen is present in atmospheric oxygen or ambient air.


Hydrogen water used as a supplement to drink is many times less than 1%.  Therapeutic amounts start at just 0.5 parts per million (PPM) in water.


We explain the difference between PPM and percent in the, “IS HYDROGEN SAFE” section of our ebook.


What is Magnesium Malate?


Magnesium malate is created when magnesium reacts with malic acid.


Magnesium malate is a specific type of magnesium – a compound that has been combined with malic acid — known for many health benefits.


Malic acid has been shown to be effective chelating agent, taking aluminum out of your system.  It is vital in the production of energy, and potentially a treatment for fibromyalgia related pain.  There is more information on magnesium malate in this book.

Conventional antioxidants neutralize or kill ALL FREE RADICALS – and thereby actually upset homeostasis or balance, (think yen and yang), in our bodies.

  • Why is hydrogen water a good antioxidant to take?


Hydrogen works to balance unbalanced cells – even those that contain free radicals – while NOT killing the good free radicals.  Think of a balanced electrical charge between positive and negative.  Hydrogen is a smart and gentle, yet very powerful antioxidant.


Hydrogen water helps your blood vessels to remain flexible -OR- it will help restore the flexibility of your blood vessels and arteries.


More studies about the mysteries of hydrogen – how it works are in the works.


  • Why does hydrogen sound too good to be true?


Most people are skeptical when they hear about all the health issues hydrogen can help with – because it sounds like snake oil.


  • What is the conclusion so far? 


It has therapeutic potential in over 170 human and animal diseases.  It has been found to be effective in virtually every organ of the human body.


You can imagine how it affects so many health problems and diseases: when you drink it because H2 travels very rapidly to virtually every cell in your body – including passing through the blood brain barrier into your brain. 


Most people can feel it with the first or second serving.

  • Why isn’t “big pharma” all excited about hydrogen?


Big pharmaceutical companies make their money by acquiring a patent on a drug – which they then make or induce, ($$$) doctors to prescribe.


Big pharmaceutical companies now control most medical schools with a “carrot and a stick.”  Doctors are rewarded with money for promoting big pharma drugs. 


Conversely, doctors who recommend alternative health solutions are punished – often run out of practice, for example. 

  • Is it possible to overdose with hydrogen water?


Hydrogen is readily available and relatively cheap to supplement with – when you make it - and no prescription is required.  AND the FDA declared it safe – with no apparent possibility for overdose and they said this, long ago. 


It is safe for dogs, babies, and pregnant women.  There is NO DOWNSIDE.


With that said, hydrogen produced with magnesium and malic acid, (which also produces magnesium malate), can loosen your stool mildly.  If you drink too much hydrogen water in a day, you can get diarrhea or just lose stool.


This is not dangerous.  Stop taking hydrogen water for a day or two.  Return to it once the diarrhea or lose stool stops. 


Don’t exceed 8oz in the morning until you’re sure you won’t get lose stool again.  Increase consumption to 8oz morning and late afternoon / early evening when you’re ready. 


Eventually, (once your body adjusts to it), you’ll be able to drink two 8oz servings about 20 minutes apart in the morning and again in the late afternoon / early evening.

Thanks for reading this,

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