• Why would you want to make hydrogen water in your kitchen - isn't it dangerous?


  • How to make hydrogen water safely?


  • Why it is much less expensive and superior to commercial hydrogen water?









How is it safe to make hydrogen gas at home?

Hydrogen gas is dangerous - explosive and easy to light off. 

The OTHER potential danger?

If you cause to much pressure in the bottle you're making hydrogen water in, the bottle can shatter.

We're addressing both these potential dangers here:

You are in no danger if the amount of hydrogen gas in the ambient air, (the air you're breathing in your kitchen) is below 5% hydrogen content, because it is impossible to light hydrogen off. (Some sources say "4.5%").

We use the magnesium and malic acid reaction method to produce hydrogen in 16 ounce glass bottles.  The amount of hydrogen that gets impressed in the water is far below 5%.

Now, if it was above 5%, you could open a bottle and light the hydrogen.  Even then it would just make a sqeaky "pop" when you lit it because there isn't enough volume of H2 gas in the bottle to produce an explosion or sustained fire.

We know this well because our kids made and put hydrogen generators on their cars to improve gas mileage.  These things consist of a glass Mason jar, with steel bolts mounted in the jar lid, and 12 volt electricity connected to the bolts, and water in the jar, (causing electrolysis) - a process that produces hydrogen.

We could pull the lid off the jar and strike a lighter and we'd get a loud squeaky pop.  If you want to see this - there are videos on You Tube.

What about pressure in the bottle?


When we put malic acid into the bottle with magnesium and pour in boiling water, hydrogen gas is created.  When we seal the bottle and put it in the refrigerator, the reaction continues.  If the ratio of malic acid to magnesium is not just right, there is a risk that the bottle will shatter.


Why did we do 6 months of experimenting to find the right ratio?


We didn't write our ebook, "H2 HACK" until we were SURE we has that ratio right - and yes, we shattered a bottle all over our kitchen.

The reason to buy our ebook, (and our Starter Kit) is so you don't have to wonder what you're doing!  Making your own hydrogen water in your kitchen is no big deal.  It is easy, fast, and safe - IF YOU HAVE THE INSTRUCTIONS!

When you also get our Starter Kit - which will make 2,400 servings - your cost per serving will be just 5 cents or a nickel per serving.


Why do we say, "7 cents a serving?"  


At 7 cents a serving - that includes you buying distilled water. 

Why don't we tell every detail on how to make H2 water at home?


We sell the ebook and we buy supplies wholesale in order to make a little money - so we can continue our mission to spread affordable hydrogen water to everyone.

With every ebook sale we give open access to us by phone - and we'll do free research for you, for 2 years. 


For example, if you have a health condition you're fighting, we'll send you studies and videos on that problem - and what you can expect hydrogen to do to help it - and/or other supplements.  We don't make stuff up - we just find information for you.

We have approximately 2,000 hours of work in first, researching hydrogen, then experimenting with making it, and finally writing the ebook and the website.

We're 65 and in our long career, we have made about $100 an hour, (each) over most of it. That means we have 2,000 hours x $100 an hour = $200,000 in this project!  

We have always worked for ourselves and we had a few  big failures along the way.  We are not rich.

In other words, if we weren't doing this, we would have to be doing something else and we would not have time to do this. 









Why don't we use electrolysis to make hydrogen water?

The very expensive hydrogen water machines produce hydrogen through electrolysis - two dissimilar metals are exposed to electric current while immersed in water.  This splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen and traces of ozone and chlorine gas.  

Various methods are used to get rid of the ozone and chlorine gases.


Some machines allow the oxygen to flow to the user with the hydrogen.  Others deliver only pure hydrogen to the user.

We don't use the above method because:


(1) The machines are expensive. 

(2) We wanted a process that was cheap and simple because our MISSION is to get hydrogen water water to the masses who can't afford the machines, cans of hydrogen water or hydrogen tablets, (which are $1 per 8 ounce serving).

Our hydrogen water Starter Kit will make four 16 ounce bottles of the BEST hydrogen water you can buy at any price - at one time!  This is enough hydrogen water for 4 adults to start with, or 2 adults who have reached the point where they can drink 2 bottles a day.  The Starter Kit will last about 10 months for 2 people.

(3) The hydrogen water we make in our kitchen sink is truly superior in taste and strength to the hydrogen water made or packaged by the commercial producers.


How do you know the hydrogen water our kit makes is strong?

When you get the Starter Kit from us, it does not include a hydrogen water test kit.  They are $25 on Amazon.  This is reagent drops containing platinum - so that's why the test kit is expensive.

We encourage you to get a test kit - they are easy to use.  Our hydrogen water will test at between 3.5 and 9 PPM (Parts Per Million).  This is higher PPM hydrogen water than a $4,000 machine makes.  Our water is also ORGANIC!

Why is distilled water the best water?







Like the video said, distilled water is good to drink.  Add minerals or get them from your food?  Sure.  We used liquid minerals that are derived from an ancient lake bed in Utah.  They are about $11 on Amazon - we use the NOW brand.

What water is better than distilled water?

Deuterium is an unbalanced isotope and it is absolutely required for a babies growth in the womb.  

Like many things, when we are grown, too much deuterium is bad for you.  It seems to be one of the reasons cancer is the #1 killer.  We are approaching the point in the U.S. where every other person will get cancer.

The world is all about balance.  Our bodies are all about balance.  Hydrogen acts as an antioxidant and turns free radicals to water in the human body.  However, it does not liquidate free radicals in many areas of the body because it turns out we need some free radicals for health. 

At the same time and as part of what hydrogen is - hydrogen contains the deuterium isotope!  It is present in small amounts - one deuterium isotope per 6,400 hydrogen atoms.

It is because of this that drinking water, (typically) contains about 150 PPM of deuterium, (because water is 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.

Now, please remember this: 


A liter or about 33 ounces of 5 PPM hydrogen water contains 5 milliliters of hydrogen - about the minimum amount of free molecular hydrogen you should strive toward, each day. 


The hydrogen molecule is 50,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.  


Physically, 5 milliters of hydrogen would be equal to two postage stamps.  This is because the hydrogen molecule is so small. 


Here's why you should remember this: 

Drinking depleted or "low" deuterium water is an up and coming new health thing - much like hydrogen water.  Water is processed through fractional distillation to reduce the amount of deuterium in it.  The process is expensive, making 25 PPM water causes the retail price to be about $100 a gallon.

Heavy water, which is used in nuclear power plants in Canada, is loaded with deuterium, because heavy water has a higher boiling point than light water - which is low deuterium water.  The center point between heavy and light water is 145 PPM.

If you studied the science about how bad high deuterium is for you - you would want to reduce the amount deuterium you're taking into your body.

Here's in 5 minutes - is why you may want to reduce deuterium:







If you'd like read about deuterium:

What can you do?

The best diet to reduce deuterium?  Stop carbohydrates.  Eat mostly fatty meat.  This may seem CRAZY to you because meat causes cancer and fat will kill you with a heart attack, right?

WRONG.  Go to You Tube and put - carnivore diet - into the search window.  Study it a bit.  We have been so badly lied to for decades!!!  There are some great videos to watch and here's a good one - Mikhaila will BLOW YOU AWAY!










What if you have cancer?

If you have cancer, buy some low deuterium water and mix it with regular water to get your deuterium levels down - or just drink very low deuterium water if you can afford it.

If you're fighting cancer and you're broke, you can make lower deuterium water at home.  It is work, but it cost just about nothing.

Deuterium freezes a few degrees sooner than distilled water.  When you stick distilled water in the freezer and partially freeze it, the first ice is heavy in deuterium.  Simply get rid of the ice and keep the liquid.  

How much water will be left?

If you do this with a gallon and make 3 passes you'll end with about 2 quarts.

Start the process with distilled water because it is slightly lower in deuterium.

The first pass will reduce the water you pour off by 8 to 10 PPM.

Take 5 empty plastic water jugs like you get with a gallon of distilled water.  (You'll have to pour the distilled water into something else if you start with new jugs). 

How should you mark the jugs?

Mark 3 of them D1, D2, D3.  Mark 2 of the jugs, Deleted D.


Freeze D1 until the ice forms all over jug, but not so hard that you can't poke a hole through the ice.  Freezers vary and even where the jug is in the freezer - but for a start point, check the jug at 4 hours.  Pull it out, take the lid off and try and poke a hole in the ice.

How thick should the ice be?

The ice should be 1/8" to 1/4" thick.  If it is a little thicker, that's okay as long as you can get a hole in it.


Pour the water into D2 and put D2 in the freezer.  Do the same thing - drain D2 after freezing into D3 and put D3 into the freezer.  When you pour off D3 into Reduced D, taste it.  It should be very smoooth to your tongue / taste.

As you do this - at the point where you pour the water off - the ice will still be in the jug.  Set it out on the counter and let the ice melt.  Pour it off.  Rinse the jug before using it again.

As you can see, if you have say, three jugs marked D1, you can afford the time to let the ice melt.  We tried using wide mouth containers - they are not great because it is a good way to pour some high deuterium ice into your good water!  

Using the distilled water jugs is the way to go?

YES!  You'll have plenty of jugs as you buy distilled water - this is so low cost!  You won't have to deal with ice in your sink.

Here's the very great advantage to making deuterium depleted water and then making your H2 water with it:

We all can only drink so much water a day, right?  

So, when you make your hydrogen water with low deuterium water, you're getting your hydrogen water and your low deuterium water.

"Pulsing" is good for you - pulsing is NOT doing something consistently, all day. 


If you don't pulse what you're doing, the body adapts.  The best current thinking runs through many things we do.  The new trend in exercise is extreme bursts - NOT long periods of less strenuous exercise.

Pulsing works because it stops the body from adapting and thus diminishing the effects.

It is the same with hydrogen water - pulse it.  Drink it first thing in the morning and not again until late afternoon or evening.  Drink your reduced deuterium water in between.

Thanks for reading this post,

Scott and Julie Linden  


You can call with questions any time (24/7) - if we can't answer, we'll hit you back ASAP.

Thanks for reading this,

Scott and Julie Linden


If you have questions, feel free to call us at:  760-961-5899 (24/7) - if we can't answer, we'll hit you back ASAP.


































































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