Why would you want to drink hydrogen water during chemotherapy?


  • Hydrogen water can reduce chemo side effects 

  • Hydrogen water is a cancer killer in its own right - bring more to the fight!

  • Please don't miss the last part - about using low deuterium water to make H2W

The video above is the result of how hydrogen kills cancer with chemotherapy - excellent!

The video below actually show hydrogen doing that.



Molecular hydrogen effects on cancer, chemotherapy, radiation & nasa astronauts

  • Did you watch the three - short videos above?

Did you get that the chemotherapy drug was nowhere near 100% effective against cancer, but when hydrogen water was used with it - it was  100% effective?  Do you think that maybe the hydrogen water was actually a more effective cancer killer than the chemo?

"H2 gas or H2 water has been shown to improve the quality of life (QOL) of patients during chemotherapy via its antioxidant properties. Inhalation of 1% H2 gas or drinking H2 water alleviated the nephrotoxicity, mortality and body-weight loss caused by cisplatin."



Anti-inflammatory and antitumor action of hydrogen via ... - NCBI


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › pmc › articles › PMC6096066

Study of woman beating stage 3 gall bladder cancer with hydrogen:

In this next video, Tywon quickly covers several scientific studies - cancer and hydrogen: 

The following video is a doctor reviewing several scientific studies about hydrogen:

Is it important to stay hydrated during chemotherapy?

The human body is about 65% water.  What is water?  It is 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.

How much of the body is hydrogen? 

About 61% of the body is hydrogen.  Of course, this figure counts the hydrogen that makes up water in the body.

Science says, 75% of all the matter in the entire universe is made up of hydrogen.

You can see by the above numbers, we must have a very close connection with hydrogen.

Is there a lot of hydrogen on earth and in our atmosphere?


It would seem logical that there would be tons of hydrogen on earth - but it is relatively rare here.  Science says our atmosphere contains about 21% hydrogen.

Our bodies make about 2.5 liters of hydrogen in our gut, each day.


If that's true why would drinking hydrogen rich water help?

The modern flurry of, (now about 1,400 studies) on the effects of hydrogen gas and hydrogen gas impressed in water have discovered that consuming hydrogen has huge health benefits - but science still doesn't understand WHY adding relatively small amounts of molecular hydrogen make a difference.

Don't misunderstand - great headway has been made since the first modern hydrogen study in 2007 found that hydrogen protects the brain from damage after the blood supply is cut and restored.

However, there are still many mysteries about hydrogen - and chief among them is - WHY adding even more hydrogen makes remarkable differences in health.


​How much water should you drink while undergoing chemotherapy?

There are many opinions about how much water we should drink each day.  A very common recommendation is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water.

Let's go with that.

So, how much hydrogen water and what strength should it be?

Tyler W. Lebaron is a Hydrogen Scientist and The Director of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute - a non profit organization.  Here is what Tyler recommends:

(This in not a direct quote - and we added a little to it, from practical experience) . . .

Ideally, you want to drink about 16 ounces of hydrogen water first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.  You don't want to drink any more hydrogen water until late afternoon or early evening.

Why not drink hydrogen water all day long?

Relatively recently, science has discovered that  "pulsing" is important.  Almost anything you do constantly causes your body to adapt to it and that "thing" will become less effective.


For example, the popular "keto diet" can become ineffective and can even harm you, if are constantly in ketosis!  Dr. Mercola, (mercola.com) is a keto expert - and he says you should introduce higher amounts of carbohydrates, 3 days a week.

We all know if you drink alcohol everyday, it takes more alcohol before you feel it.  This same thing happens with many pharmaceutical drugs.

What if you can't drink that much hydrogen water at once?


We drink 8 ounces first thing in the morning.  We drink 8 more ounces about 20 minutes later.  We do the same thing about 5 PM.


Lets' say you weigh 200 pounds.  That would mean you should drink a total of 100 ounces of water a day.  If you weigh 150 pounds - drink 75 ounces.  


If you drink 32 ounces of hydrogen water a day, you could drink another 45 ounces of regular water each day. (You may want to make that low deuterium water - if you finish reviewing this post).


It is impossible to overdo drinking hydrogen water, as long as you are still "pulsing."  So, if you wanted to drink 32 ounces of hydrogen water between, (for example) 6 AM and 8 AM and the same between say, 5 PM and 7 PM - you can do that.  More hydrogen will help you more.  At the same time, "they say" hydrogen water is therapeutic starting at just 0.5 PPM.

What will drinking 64 ounces, (1 gallon) of hydrogen water do?


Well, there is one warning:   Hydrogen tablets and some hydrogen producing bottles make hydrogen using a chemical reaction between an acid and magnesium.  If you get too much magnesium you can get the runs, or lose stool or diarrhea.


If you decide to drink hydrogen water - start slow - just 8 ounces once a day to start.  You'll build a tolerance to the magnesium.  The particular kind of magnesium you'll be drinking is magnesium malate - the best kind - it is VERY good for you - Google it. 

So, the advantage of drinking hydrogen water made using the malic acid and magnesium reaction is that you get 2 wonderful health supplements at the same time.

How strong should the hydrogen water you'll drink be?

Most of the, (very expensive - thousands of dollars) hydrogen water machines produce hydrogen water with H2 content at 1.5 to 5.0 PPM (Parts Per Million).  That is good strength.

The hydrogen tablets you just drop in a glass of water run close to the same PPM range.  The retail cost is $1 per tablet or for each 8 ounce serving.  To drink 32 ounces, (or about 1 liter) of hydrogen water a day, you'll need 4 of the tablets - so $4 a day or $120 a month.

We sell a KIT to make your own hydrogen water at home.  It is $120 and it will make 2,400 8 ounce servings or the equivalent of $2,400 in tablets.  It is quick and safe to make your own H2 water with our kit. 


With our kit you'll make superior, organic hydrogen water that taste much better than the water the machines and tablets make, for just 5 cents per serving.  The strength is 3.5 to 9 PPM.  The Starter Kit includes our ebook.  2,400 servings will last one person 600 days - about 18 months!  Call us:  760-961-5899 if we can help you.

What kind of water should you use to make hydrogen water with a machine or tablets or our Starter Kit?

Distilled water, (believe it or not) is the best water you can drink for many reasons.  Just go to You Tube and put into the search window - distilled water - and watch.

What does distilled water cost?

You can, (in 2019 buy distilled water for about 80 cents to $1.25 a gallon in a plastic bottle.

What else can you do with water to help fight cancer?



"Deuterium depleted water delays tumor progression in mice, dogs, cats and humans."  - Dr. Stillman


Please stick with us because we're going into science, (and out as quickly as possible here) - but stick with us - this is important to YOU:

What is an isotope? 


"Each of two or more forms of the same element that contain equal numbers of protons but different numbers of neutrons in their nuclei, and hence differ in relative atomic mass but not in chemical properties; in particular, a radioactive form of an element."

Deuterium is an isotope and is one of two isotopes that make up parts of hydrogen - but in "normal" hydrogen, there is very, very little.  Deuterium is a hell raiser in the human body - but is useful in science.  You can checkout: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deuterium

Deuterium is present in "normal" drinking water at about 150 PPM, (typically).

Deuterium concentrations in water define "heavy water" and "light water."

Heavy water starts at about 145 PPM - so most of the water we drink is in the beginning area of heavy water.

If we can get our drinking water below 130 PPM or so, for deuterium, we can avoid many of the problems deuterium causes in our bodies.

Much lower deuterium, (lighter water) is available from Amazon and Ebay - but it is very expensive - about $75 to $110.  The lower the deuterium content the higher the price.  This is the best price for the lowest PPM we have found so far:



Deuterium in much higher concentrations is the heavy water used in nuclear power plants in Canada to keep the fuel rods cool, (preventing China syndrome - where over heated rods head for China) because using heavy water requires less fuel processing.  Light water reactors are used in the U.S.


What does low deuterium water do?


  • High deuterium water helps cause cancer and cancer growth

  • Reduced deuterium water fights cancer - check out this study:   


If you can't afford expensive low deuterium water - what can you do?

Low deuterium water, (25 to 85 PPM) is made using a very expensive process called fractional distillation.  This works because water high in deuterium turns to steam, last - leaving light water or low deuterium water.  This is the best way to make low deuterium water commercially.

HOWEVER - water high in deuterium freezes at slightly higher temperature.

Let's say you go to the store and buy 3 plastic jugs of distilled water.


Empty 2 of the jugs into some clean container, (you'll use this water later). 

Stick the remaining full jug in your freezer.  About 5 hours later, you pull it out.  You take the lid off and use an ice pick to poke a hole through the ice because it is not frozen solid.  You pour the water through a funnel and into one of the, (empty) plastic gallon jugs.

What just happened?

The water you poured off is 8 to 10 PPM LOWER in deuterium than when you put it in the freezer.  If you started with say, 150 PPM water, you now have say, 140 PPM water.


What about the ice?


Set the jug you partially froze on a shelf and let the ice melt.  Rinse the jug.  


Now, take the water you originally poured off the partially frozen jug in the empty jug, and set it in the freezer for less than 5 hours - we can't be specific because every freezer is different. 


You want ice up high in the jug and water below.  Experiment with the time the jug is in the freezer. 


Take the jug out the second time.  Poke the hole in the ice.  Pour the water into the 3rd (empty) jug, (which is empty because you emptied it earlier).

Now, (theoretically) your 140 PPM water is 130 PPM.

Freeze (the remaining jug with the 140 water), (checking it every so often so it doesn't freeze solid). 


Pour it off - and now you have low deuterium water in the 120 PPM range - maybe lower PPM.


Isn't this a lot of work and it takes up freezer space?


Yes, it is work.  1 gallon will yield about 1.5 to 2 quarts of low deuterium water


Research studies on low deuterium water use water ranging from 20 to 120 PPM.  the Early clinical trials in this field suggest that even drops of say 20ppm are potentially clinically significant.

This link is to a PDF with great information - please review it:



Are you fighting cancer?

We, (in our opinion) think it would pay to get a chest freezer and a bunch of distilled water jugs.  We make low deuterium water at home - we like using the jugs because letting the ice melt is easier and you don't end up with ice chips in the good water. 


If you get set up for some volume, you  can make the water once a week or even once a month.  UNLIKE hydrogen, (which flies away through plastic and glass) you can store low deuterium water at room temperature.

How can you drink hydrogen water and low deuterium water?

Easy!  Make your hydrogen water USING low deuterium water!  

What about the time between morning and later afternoon hydrogen water?

The time in between, (when you are NOT drinking hydrogen water, drink low deuterium water.


If this all sounds like too much work, consider how hard it is to NOT succeed at beating cancer.


We NOT saying low deuterium and hydrogen water are going to kill your cancer - but it sure looks like they'll help - and we all must drink water of some kind, right?

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