• What is hydrogen and what is deuterium and why do you care?

  •  What good is a low deuterium food and water diet?

  • How can you make hydrogen water and low deuterium water at home?


Our goals with this post:

First, this website, (H2hack.com) is dedicated to helping the public discover the value of hydrogen water as a health supplement, while offering an ebook and a Starter Kit so that anyone can make top quality, organic hydrogen water at home, for just 7 cents a serving.


​Second: to show the public how to reduce their deuterium levels by utilizing some version of the carnivore diet and to make low deuterium water for pennies a gallon - and why it is important.


​Finally: our goal is to encourage people to make their hydrogen water using low deuterium water at home.  No one is doing this - but it works!

Where is the science?













​All the above is science based - it is NOT woo-woo.


This is a link to a study:



This scientific study showed:


​"Clinical data shows extended survival of prostate, breast (13), and lung cancer patients (9) who took DDW that contained between 25 and 125 ppm of deuterium."


​Research in Hungary is very positive and they are moving to make deuterium reduction drugs.




How are hydrogen and deuterium related?

​Listen - we have to a little light science here below - but as little as possible - and we'll get to why all this matters VERY MUCH to you:


What is hydrogen?


​Hydrogen is us! 


We are about 61% hydrogen.  Hydrogen of course, makes up a good part of water.  Hydrogen is a gas.  Hydrogen "standing alone" is relatively rare in our atmosphere - at about 21%.


Get this: 

You know how people like to say, "why don't you just give it to the universe"?


Well, 75% of all matter in the universe is made up of hydrogen.


That should give you an idea of how important hydrogen is to us all, right?


​Mitochondria exists inside cells to produce energy.  The highest concentration of mitochondria is in the brain.


Hydrogen feeds mitochondria which is inside cells - acting as fuel to spin a windmill like mechanism or power plant, inside mitochondria. 


The faster it spins, the more magnetism is created.  Oxygen is attracted to magnetism and is pulled into the mitochondria.


​Hydrogen and oxygen are used by the mitochondria for efficient energy production or cellular respiration. 


​The faster the windmill or powerhouse in your mitochondria, (inside your cells) spins, the more energy and better health you'll have. 


Do you think you have tiny generators, (some times called motors) spinning in your cells?


They are real – and they spin at up to 9,000 RPM.


​In other words, if you want to have the stuff life is made of - energy - you need more free or “stand alone” hydrogen in your body.  Over 1,400 scientific studies say so.


Please, remember this next paragraph?


​Hydrogen is very tiny molecule - 50,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.  For good health, you should drink a liter of hydrogen water a day.  If that water contains 5 Parts Per Million, (PPM) of free molecular hydrogen, all the hydrogen in that liter of water will fit on 2 postage stamps.

Where can you find out more about hydrogen?

​We have a deep post - but easy to read - about "everything hydrogen" - click here:






















What the hell is deuterium?


Nature seeks balance - you know - the yin-yang, positive-negative, good-bad?


And it is possible for a thing or person or isotope to be both good and bad, right?


​Well, there are 2 types of hydrogen - normal H2 and heavy H2 (or 2H).  They both exist alone and they both exist in water – they are together, in water.


​Heavy hydrogen is heavy because it contains a heavy, sticky isotope called deuterium - so it could be considered, "bad hydrogen."


​When heavy hydrogen enters the power plant / windmill of the mitochondria, deuterium is sticky and gums up and slows down the works.  Deuterium can actually break the mitochondria.  


The result is your energy declines and you tend to get sick.  This happens when you are over loaded with deuterium.


Fortunately, heavy hydrogen is present in lower amounts than normal hydrogen, at the rate of one deuterium isotope to 6,400 hydrogen molecules.   


​Deuterium exists in various levels in our environment: in our food, water, and all over the place.

What is deuterium good for?


Deuterium is absolutely required for human growth - so in the womb and in the young child, it is ESSENTIAL


As we get older, we no longer need deuterium - it turns on us - raising hell with our health and energy levels.  Deuterium continues to help us grow - only now it is to grow wider and to grow cancer.


When does deuterium become a problem?


As we get older, deuterium really piles up.  Deuterium helps cancer get a foot hold and all sorts of other health problems.  It is large part of why we feel old when we're old.


​In a perfect world, we would be exposed to less deuterium as adults.  In fact, science thinks that was the case in the past. 


Geological sampling indicates that deuterium levels were as much as 10% less in the relatively recent past and as much as 30% less further back in time – like 11,000 years ago.


What is probably the biggest source of deuterium?


A major source of deuterium is the water we drink.  Today, our drinking water - be it tap water, bottled water, reverse osmosis water - it all is typically about 150 to 155 Parts Per Million, (PPM) deuterium.


Don’t confuse PPM with percent.  1% is 1,000 PPM.


At what PPM is water heavy or light?


Heavy water begins at 145 PPM.  Light water begins at 145 PPM - so you can see, today we are drinking slightly heavy water.  It the past, we drank slightly light water, and we had a lot less cancer, and almost no heart disease.

FYI:  The EKG monitor was invented in 1923 - but didn't hardly sell because a doctor in a typical town would say, "I don't need it - I only see about one heart attack a year."


Does heavy water have something to do with nukes?

​You may be familiar with the term "heavy water" - when thinking about nuclear electrical generation plants.


​Actually, nuke plants use both light and heavy water.  Canadian nuke plants use heavy water to cool their reactors.  The U.S. uses light water. 


This is because less refined uranium can be used with heavy water - and Canada does not refine their uranium as much as the U.S. 


Nuke plants are part of the reason for increased deuterium.


What difference does the water make for the nuke plants?


​Heavy water boils at slightly higher temperatures than light water, so the less refined uranium can be cooled at slightly higher temperatures before the water boils.


Heavy water also freezes at slightly higher temperatures. 


Please remember this, because we're going to show you, (in this post) how to make your own low deuterium water.   


Why doesn’t everyone just drink low deuterium water?


You can buy low deuterium water, but it is expensive. 


The following link is to a Russian company website - one example - and is the lowest PPM we have found - just 5 PPM.  It is worth visiting the site to see the table that shows how long it will typically take to get a significant reduction in your body’s deuterium levels: 



Should you buy deuterium depleted water from the Russians?


In our opinion:  If we had cancer, we would buy our very low deuterium here:

https://www.drinklitewater.com/  They are in Reno, Nevada. 


How can you know the level of deuterium in your body?


You can get your body's deuterium levels checked, but it is expensive.  It is a safe bet that your deuterium levels are too high. 


If you have cancer, buy the water and get started.  There are scientific studies that used low deuterium water with chemotherapy with good results.


​It is generally thought that your body's deuterium level should be about 130 PPM or lower.  Your body's level is probably 140 to 155.

If money is not an issue, you can pay the following company to test your deuterium levels.  They will also guide you through a full protocol to reduce deuterium in your diet and in other ways:  https://www.dexafit.com/services/deuterium-depletion

How does deuterium get into the mitochondria if it prefers hydrogen for fuel?


Heavy hydrogen is much less prevalent than light hydrogen.  Remember, it is heavy hydrogen that carries the deuterium isotope.


When there is not enough light hydrogen feeding your mitochondria, the heavy hydrogen steps in and screws with the function of your mitochondria because of the deuterium, making it sluggish and even breaks mitochondria.


Why do does the body run out of free molecular light hydrogen?


There are many studies about hydrogen and how it works in the body, but the serious science just started in 2007. . . so it is not completely understood yet.


In our opinion, you need to give your body free molecular hydrogen to feed your mitochondria and to perform many other positive health functions - and there are tons of scientific studies and testimonies to show this is the case.


Science is still baffled because our bodies are full of hydrogen – are guts make 2.5 liters a day!  But, it is clear – hydrogen gas, (which it is in hydrogen water) still makes a huge difference.


We have written a post about how bad conventional antioxidants are for you and how good hydrogen is for you - it acts as a super antioxidant while being smart and gentle, while technically, not being an antioxidant. 


Recent studies show conventional antioxidant supplements can be harmful and even deadly.

We have a post on this site about that.  Click Here.


How can you reduce your deuterium levels with reduced deuterium water and drink hydrogen water as well?


​You can only drink so much water each day.  We make our hydrogen water with depleted deuterium water – and we drink the low deuterium water in between.


Here is how we lower our deuterium levels while drinking hydrogen water:


​We make our own hydrogen water, (four 16 ounce bottles) in less than 10 minutes each evening.  It goes into the refrigerator to chill and it is ready the next morning.


For $119.67 we sell a Starter Kit that makes 2,400 eight ounce servings of high quality, organic and potent hydrogen water, (3.5 to 9 PPM). 


That works out to 7 cents a serving.  Also included in that 7 cents is our ebook – so you can make it the right way and perfectly safely – and it includes the cost of distilled water – which is the best water to use.  You buy the water locally – we ship everything else by priority mail.


We include 2 years of open phone support – call us any time – and our email newsletter which we only send when there is something IMPORTANT to tell you in the alternative health and pharmaceutical world, (we’re research writers – we just let you know what’s happening).


So far, if you do the above, you’ll be spending 28 cents per adult, per day.  This is a big deal if you know what commercially available hydrogen water cost, ($1 to $4 per serving)!


So, is this all about us making money?


It really is our mission to get quality, potent, (and great tasting hydrogen water) to everyone.  Yes, we make a little money so we can spend our time helping people.  If we weren’t doing this, we’d have to do something else.  We like helping people with information about hydrogen and hydrogen water and with carnivore diet knowledge - because the diet lowers deuterium levels.


Low deuterium water is expensive.  It ranges from $20 a liter and up!  The lower the deuterium, the more expensive it is.  But, we’ll repeat, if you have cancer, you should find the money and get really low deuterium water, like 25 PPM and start drinking it!


We make lower or reduced deuterium water every day.  The cost is just about nothing.  We’ll give you instructions at the end of this post.


The other major ways you can reduce your deuterium levels?


Get enough sleep and sleep in as dark a room as you can.  If you’re napping during the day, get a Zoro type sleeping mask.  Adequate sleep in the dark reduces deuterium.


During the day, get out in the sun without sun glasses.  Just 20 minutes a day will help.  Sun screen causes cancer.  Don’t stay out long enough to burn.  The sun in your eyes is important, (but don’t stare at the sun).  The sun will reduce deuterium levels.


Our sun is in solar minimum – a cycle it goes through about every 11 years.  Sun flare activity is way down.  Sun flares protect us from UV rays because when they project off the sun toward earth, they strengthen our magnetic field, protecting us.


It is because we are not benefiting from sun flares right now, you should stay out of the sun between 11 AM and 4 PM.  UV rays give us radiation.  Fortunately, hydrogen water neutralizes radiation.


Radiation comes into our bodies and converts into the hydroxol free radical – the WORSE kind.  Hydrogen donates a hydrogen atom to this nasty thing and it turns into water!  Drink hydrogen water before you fly because you get more radiation at 35,000 feet.


What else can you do to decrease your deuterium levels?


Go on the ketogenic or carnivore diet.  There are tons of videos on You Tube about both these diets.  Both are high consumption of fatty meat and low carbohydrates.  Animal fat and meat are very low in deuterium.

This video is illustrative of the POWER of the carnivore diet.  Clearly, there are 2 reasons it is powerful:

# 1:  It is an elimination diet - a fast way to see what is hurting you.

# 2:  It is the ultimate low deuterium diet.

Of course, you have drop all your current believes about meat - so please do that for a short time and watch Makaihla - you'll NEVER forget this video:  





What else will lower your deuterium levels?

Try dry fasting for a day.  If you can do it, make a habit of doing it one or two days a week.  We do it.  It is easier than you think.  It is just 24 hours without putting anything in your mouth.  It isn’t as hard as it sounds.


When you don’t eat or drink for 24 hours, your body makes water – very low deuterium water!  Don’t listen to us – go to You Tube and watch dry fasting videos.


Cold temperatures will reduce your deuterium levels.  Take cold showers.  Turn down your heat.  Again, you can check out cold shower benefits on You Tube.


Here’s how to make your own deuterium reduced water:


Go to the grocery store – find distilled water for 90 cents to $1.39 per gallon.  Get five gallons to start.  Come home and find something clean to pour four of the gallons into.


The distilled water will be your initial water supply, but you need the empty jugs to start with.


Take the one full jug and stick it in the freezer for 4 to 5 hours.  Check it after 4 hours by putting it on the counter and removing the lid.  Poke it with an ice pick.  If it is 1/8” to ¼” thick, it is done.


What is happening here?


The heavy water, loaded with deuterium freezes a few degrees earlier than the lighter water.  With the jugs, the ice will be all around the edges – you want the water and not the ice.

Pour the water into one of the empty jugs.  Leave the empty jug, (with the ice) on the counter to melt. 


Put the jug with the poured off water back in the freezer and check it in 4 hours – this is because it will probably freeze faster because the water is cold.


Pull it out and repeat the steps above.  You have most likely reduced the water from 150 PPM deuterium to 142 or even 140 – this is according to a commercial manufacturer of expensive deuterium depleted water.


We don’t know what the second freeze will reduce it.  We think that with 3 passes, you are probably getting into the high 120s for PPM.


You can see, if you did 8 passes, it would be better.  However, you have to weigh your time with this.  We do 3 freezes and a gallon becomes about ½ gallon.

Does reduced deuterium water taste bad?

We can taste the difference!  It is definitely different water!  It is smooth on your tongue.


Remember, you’ll play time against PPM.  If you buy say, 25 PPM commercial low deuterium water, you can get your body deuterium level to about 130 PPM in weeks.


If you do the method we’re suggesting, it may take months or even a year to get your body to 130 PPM or below.  One way is fast and expensive, and the other way is cheap and slow.


Here’s some more detail on the ice method:


You’ll want to mark the jugs.  Ideally, you would get enough distilled water so that you have more jugs.  Say you got 12 jugs. 


Mark two of them D1 for the first freeze, mark two D2 for the second freeze, and two D3 for the third freeze.  Mark the other 6 jugs "Deleted" or "Ready" or "LD" for "Low Deuterium" – whatever works for you.  This way, you won’t get lost!


How will you drink it all?


We make our hydrogen water using our deuterium depleted water.


Hydrogen scientist say to drink about 1 liter of hydrogen water per day. 


We use 16 ounce bottles – 2 of them are close to 1 liter.  We each drink 16 ounces in the morning and 16 ounces in the late afternoon or early evening.


I, (Scott) am 6’ and over 200 pounds – I can drink 16 ounces in a hot minute.  Julie is 5’2” and 120 pounds – she can’t.  She drinks 8 ounce and reseals the bottle to drink the other 8 ounces 20 minutes later.


The latest thinking with hydrogen water is to NOT drink it between the morning and afternoon because “pulsing” stops your body from adapting to the hydrogen – reducing the good effects.


Why did they come up with pulsing when you drink hydrogen water?


Some of the scientific studies done with hydrogen did not use pulse drinking – subjects drank hydrogen water all day long.  The results were not good.  When they repeated the studies, but used pulsing, the results were good.

What will you drink when you’re not drinking hydrogen water?


Drink your reduced deuterium water!


We want you to know this is all from our hearts.  We’re here to help – even if you don’t buy our ebook and Starter Kit.  Just get help if you need it.


Call us at:  760-961-5899 (24/7) – leave a message including your phone number if we can’t answer.  We’ll hit you back ASAP.  We are easy to talk to.




Scott and Julie Linden

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