Why would you want to inhale hydrogen?


  • It can be more effective in certain circumstances than drinking H2 water


  • Inhaling hydrogen can get more hydrogen in the body faster than H2 water














💧Effects of DRINKING Hydrogen Water vs INHALING Hydrogen Gas – Tyler Le Baron, (H2 Scientist and Director of the non-profit Molecular Hydrogen Institute):

"When you drink Hydrogen Water, it will go through the stomach, then into the intestines and blood.

When you Inhale Hydrogen Gas, it goes into the lungs and into the bloodstream.

A Study suggests that Drinking Hydrogen Water is more effective in inducing Ghrelin secretion, than inhaling Hydrogen Gas. Ghrelin is neuroprotective and has anti-inflammatory benefits."

How is hydrogen gas made for inhaling?

Hydrogen gas for industrial use and for many applications - including some scientific studies, is made from natural gas and steam and it is transported at high pressure in tanks at about 10,000 pounds of pressure.  Compare that to your car tire which is about 32 pounds of pressure.

How are the hydrogen gas inhalation machines for home, made?

The machines produce hydrogen through electrolysis - two dissimilar metals are exposed to electric current while immersed in water.  This splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen and traces of ozone and chlorine gas.  

Various methods are used to get rid of the ozone and chlorine gases.


Some machines allow the oxygen to flow to the user with the hydrogen.  Others deliver only pure hydrogen to the user.

What device is used to breath in the hydrogen?


To breathe hydrogen from a machine that delivers both oxygen and hydrogen, the user uses a mask - like an oxygen mask - which makes a seal around the mouth and nose.

To use a machine that delivers pure hydrogen, a nasal kayla is used.  This is the little tubes you see in the nose of a person walking around with an oxygen tank in tow.

The nasal kayla lets the person enhale pure hydrogen, while taking in some oxygen because the little tubes do not make a tight seal.

Why doesn't everyone just inhale strong hydrogen?

Drinking hydrogen water has been found to be very effective, even though the amount of hydrogen in hydrogen water is much smaller than the amount of hydrogen produced by the hydrogen inhalation machines.

For the average person in day to day life, hydrogen water is the best option.

Hydrogen gas inhalation machine are VERY expensive, require maintenance and time.

If you sit down for an hour to inhale hydrogen gas, that's 60 minutes gone forever.

Drinking hydrogen water takes seconds.

Everyone should drink at least a liter or four 8 ounce servings, (typical water glass size) everyday - but they should not drink it all day.  Ideally, the first 16 ounces should be consumed first thing in the morning, and the second 16 ounces in the later afternoon or early evening.  Both times should be without food in the stomach because some people experience mild indigestion when drinking hydrogen water on a full stomach.

Strong hydrogen water varies between 1.5 PPM and 7 PPM, (Parts Per Million).  This is strength commonly produced by expensive hydrogen machines and the expensive hydrogen tablets, (typically, $1 per tablet or 8 ounce serving).  


We make strong, organic hydrogen water everyday in our kitchen and it ranges from 3.5 to 9 PPM - and we make it for just 7 cents a serving.  Click here: "MAKING HYDROGEN IN OUR KITCHEN."  We make hydrogen water servings, (enough for 4 adults for the day) in less than 10 minutes.

Why not use the stronger hydrogen gas inhalation method?

The hydrogen molecule is a slippery little angel!  When you breath in hydrogen gas at say, 2% you're breathing the equivalent of 2000 PPM!  VERY much stronger - in many cases, 1,000 times stronger than the hydrogen water made by a hydrogen tablet.

The problem is, when you breathe OUT - there goes almost all of those angel H2 molecules!  When you can, review our post titled, "WHAT THE HELL IS HYDROGEN AND HYDROGEN WATER" for a deeper understanding about H2.

When you drink H2 water, the hydrogen molecules are trapped inside your body longer - and they have more time to do their good deeds.

The scientist doing research now often use hydrogen tablets or hydrogen water machines instead of hydrogen gas, for their studies.  We have reviewed studies where hydrogen water at just 0.8 PPM was effective against Fatty Liver Disease, (for example).

Japan and Korea lead the way in using hydrogen for health and medicine.  It is widely used in the hospitals of Japan.  About 40% of Japanese drink hydrogen water, daily.

This is a powerful, 6 minute video:














Is inhalation of hydrogen gas used in emergencies?

It is used during open heart surgery in Japan to reduce damage to the heart from stopping it.  Traditionally, the heart is chilled to perform this function - and that is still the case in the west - we are just slow to change. 

Traumatic injuries, traumatic brain injury, heart attacks, cardiac arrest, and stroke, require emergency application - so hydrogen inhalation is used in these cases.

However, hydrogen water and hydrogen saline drips are also used for other non-emergency cases in Asian hospitals.

What does science say about the effectiveness of hydrogen gas inhalation versus drinking hydrogen water?

"Hydrogen Water is as effective as, and sometimes more effective than, H2 gas. Therefore, the amount of administered H2 seems to be independent of the magnitude of effects in many cases."


The science on hydrogen, (inhaled gas or ingested water) suggest that hydrogen does not rely on the blood stream to travel through the body.  The hydrogen molecule seems to travel freely through the tissue of the body.  It is known that these "angel molecules easily pass the blood brain barrier, into brain cells.

Does the daily consumption of hydrogen replace the need for other supplements?

Interestingly, the opinion of science regarding conventional antioxidants like vitamin E, A, C, beta carotene,  and others has changed.

The "antioxidant supplement" craze started with a few studies that showed benefits of supplementing with conventional antioxidants.

Other studies were began, (some as long as 30 years ago) to determine the long term out comes of conventional antioxidants.

The bad news? 


Several countries are considering telling their people to stop supplementing with conventional antioxidants - and China already has done that.  This was based on a large study which showed conventional antioxidants accelerate ageing.

Other recent studies or conclusions of very long studies - the results vary:

Some concluded that there NO BENEFIT to long term use of conventional antioxidants.

Others found very little benefit compared to the placebo or control groups.

Others found increases in various serious diseases among those using conventional antioxidants.


One study was halted by the scientists because many of those taking antioxidants became ill and one died.

What should you do?

To fully understand why you may want to consume hydrogen daily instead of consuming conventional antioxidants, please review: "WHAT THE HELL IS HYDROGEN AND HYDROGEN WATER?"

In a nutshell - hydrogen acts as a gentle but powerful antioxidant - but is not an antioxidant - it is very special and isn't completely understood - yet. 


Hydrogen acts as a selective antioxidant - because we NEED many oxidants or free radicals inside many cells, in many areas of our bodies - for good health.


Conventional antioxidants eliminate all free radicals with ZERO discrimination.   

Hydrogen is neuroprotective - and we use it internally and topically - and using it both ways, we have eliminated neuropathic pain.


Hydrogen helps MS, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, - and is often said to help 170 diseases and conditions - as well as very organ of the body.


Hydrogen helps metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Hydrogen increases energy because it helps your mitochondria or energy cells.

Hydrogen protects and repairs DNA damage.  When you fly, get an X-ray or scan or get near a cell tower or router bank, use a cell phone or stay too long in the sun - you are radiated.  In your body, the radiation becomes hydroxyl free radicals - the WORSE of all oxidants.  Hydrogen turns these oxidants into water!


Hydrogen will neutralize pesticides when you ingest them.


Hydrogen can calm allergic reactions.

Hydrogen is protective against cancer - helping to see you don't get it.

Hydrogen can be consumed during chemotherapy or radiation therapy and won't degrade the cancer reducing function of those treatments - but it will ease the side effects.

In a study commissioned by a chemotherapy drug company, hydrogen  and the chemotherapy drug killed 100% of colon cancer cells.  The study showed that hydrogen "fixes" cancer cells that have forgotten apoptosis, (programmed cell death or suicide) - and the cancer cells proceed to commit suicide!

Hydrogen has been shown to protect organs including the brain, pancreas, heart, liver, eyes, and lungs. 

So, what is the answer for you?

We have studied, taken and sold supplements for 35 years.  We have also overcome major health issues by using alternative health supplements.

We purchased expensive hydrogen machines and tablets and we were dissapointed by all of them -they don't put out much hydrogen.


We are also sick of over-priced everything.


So, we did the research on how to make organic hydrogen water at home.

We then started making it - but it took time to find the right balance for hydrogen content, taste, and safety.


We have put 6 months into this project.  We estimate we have 1,000 hours into making hydrogen and into learning everything we could about hydrogen.


We have made $100 an hour most of career.  $100 x $1,000 hours = $100,000.


For you to benefit from our $100,000 investment:


We're asking you to buy our ebook for $19.67.


Read 3 out 18 chapters to discover how to make your own hydrogen water.


If you want a refund at that point - just call us:  760-961-5899.


If you want a Starter Kit - we'll send you everything you need to make 2,400 eight ounce servings of SUPERIOR organic, hydrogen water for $99.  That is LESS than 5 cents a serving.

We are asking you to imagine - what if every man woman and child in the United States paid the cost to and made their own 32 ounces of hydrogen water each day - and they drank it.

The number of heart attacks would plummet after one year because it takes about 5 months of using hydrogen water daily to dramatically improve heart disease.

How about cancer?  


A growing number of studies have found that human tumor cells can be re duced because of the powerful ability of H2 to scavenge free radicals. 


H2 administration is being increasingly studied as part of anti-cancer therapies in humans and other animals.  Way back in 1975 it was discovered that hyperbaric H2 therapy caused skin tumor regression in hairless albino mice with squamous cell carcinoma. 


Recently, platinum nanocolloid-supplemented Hydrogen Water was reported to exert more rapid antioxidant activities and preferentially inhibited human tongue carcinoma cell growth as compared with normal cells.


Ionizing radiation can lead to carcinogenesis, and in 2011, Zhao and colleagues first reported that Hydrogen Saline injection protected BALB/c mice against radiation-induced thymic lymphoma.


Other studies demonstrated that drinking HW prevented progression of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and accompanying hepatocarcinogenesis in mice by reducing hepatic oxidative stress, inflammation, and apoptosis.  And protected against ferric nitrilotriacetate-induced nephrotoxicity and early tumor promotional events in rats.


Hydrogen can also alleviate adverse effects induced by cancer radiotherapy or anti-tumor drugs - which  suggested that daily consumption of hydrogen water could mitigate radiotherapy-induced oxidative stress and improve quality of life after radiation exposure without compromising anti-tumor effects in patients with liver tumors.


Similarly, hydrogen administration protected against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity, and doxorubicin-induced cardiac and hepatic injury. These findings suggest that H2 has potential as an anti-cancer therapeutic, and could be used to reduce radio/chemotherapeutic side effects in patients.


Hydrogen water is not a cure all and it may or may not be powerful against cancer.  However, there is already enough scientific evidence that it is effective enough against cancer, that universal consumption of it would dramatically lower the cancer death rate.

Those are the 2 biggest killers - cancer #1 and heart disease #2.  Together, they represent about 1,300,000 deaths a year.

Now, if started adding up all the others like COPD - which is #3?  Wow!


We are "mission" (not money) driven.


Thanks for reading this,


Scott and Julie Linden 





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