Can the smallest molecule in the universe, impressed into water help relieve your pain?


Honestly, it is hard to believe, isn’t it?  It sounds like “snake oil” – doesn’t it?


This article is about how you can use common sense to get pain relief using hydrogen water.  The purpose of this article is not to convince you that hydrogen water is viable as a health supplement.


However, we don’t know what you know about hydrogen water.  The quickest way to make sure you understand that hydrogen water effectiveness is backed by over 1,000 scientific studies.  You can see many of the studies and review articles about molecular hydrogen at: – a non-profit organization.

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How will you get out of pain or at the least, reduce your pain?


We’re 65 years old.  For many of us around this age, including us, we have had some battles with pain.


When we first found hydrogen water and started drinking it, Scott was in extreme pain in his left foot.  This neuropathic pain was coming from a nerve which runs from the back, down the leg and across the sole of the foot. 


This particular nerve of Scott’s runs length wise across the sole and ends between the little toe and the next toe.


When Scott placed his feet on the floor after waking up each morning, excruciating pain would strike with lightening like pain – electric pain.  All Scott could do is hobble on his heel.


We had already been drinking hydrogen water for about a week, but drinking it internally was not helping this neuropathic pain.


Scott had an idea.  He slipped on his Vans tennis shoes and poured H2 water into the shoe.  He walked around with a soaking wet tennis shoe for less than 2 hours and pain subsided, almost completely.


The hydrogen molecules are very light and will escape from water very quickly.  So, the actual hydrogen wasn’t in his tennis shoe for more than about 5 to 10 minutes.


Scott kept the first “pour” of water long after the hydrogen had left. 

Scott poured “new” water into the shoe a few times that first day.  The pain went completely way and stayed away all day, that evening, (even though he took the shoes off), and through the night.


However, the next morning it was back to square one – terrible pain when the left foot hit the floor.


Again, Scott soaked the tennis shoe.  About 1.5 hours later, the pain was totally gone.  Again, Scott refreshed the water a few times.  And again, he was pain free all the way until the foot hit the floor the next morning.


This cycle continued for 6 days.  On the 7th day, Scott’s foot hit the floor without pain.  It stayed that way for 3 full months, with no further topical application of H2 water.

One day, after 3 months of pain free bliss, the neuropathic pain was back – exactly as before.


This time, Scott took a big dinner plate and poured fresh hydrogen water into the dish set on the floor.  He then would dip his foot with a sock on it, into the water.  He put the wet foot into a flip flop.


After a little research about the path the particular nerve travels, Scott decided to fold a paper towel 4 ways and soak it with fresh hydrogen water.  He put the paper towel in his waist band, on his lower back / cheek area.


Now, Scott didn’t have pain in his lower back – but he did this on a hunch.  He refreshed the paper towel 3 to 6 times a day, for 3 days.  On the 4th day, the pain was gone. 


As we write this, it has been almost 3 months – 3 pain free months – without any additional topical application of hydrogen water.


We have a friend who gets sciatica about 2 times a month.  He tried applying the paper towel to his back.  With the first application, the pain went away in about 20 minutes.


He is not consistent.  He won’t take the time to treat his sciatica all day for 3 days to see if the sciatica will stay away for an extended period.


How else have we used hydrogen water topically?


We are constantly staring at a computer monitor.  Remember, we’re 65 – and we’re working on line 10 to 12 hours a day . . . so eye strain is a thing for us.


We wet a clean wash cloth with fresh H2 water.  We lay down and cover our faces with the wash cloth – with our eyes open – so that the hydrogen water directly contacts our eyes.  We lay there for about 5 to 7 minutes.  It is really refreshing and just feels great.


FYI: hydrogen water is very good for your skin – and we believe our facial skin is improving.


You can use hydrogen water on any kind of rash.  We’re not going to tell you it will end any rash.  We’re sure it will help reduce it and to reduce pain from it.


A scientific study was done with plaque psoriasis suffers.  One group took three 15 minute baths in 1 PPM hydrogen water per week for 5 weeks.  The control group bathed in plain water.  The control group stayed the same or got worse.

The hydrogen bath water group improved.  If memory serves us, they improved at least 75% - and one subject was said to be completely better.  


There is a study – and you can find the scientific study we’ll refer to at – that was done with hydrogen water and rheumatoid arthritis.  The hydrogen was NOT used topically in this study. (You’ll also find the study referred to about plaque psoriasis).


As is typical, one group drank hydrogen water daily.  The control group drank plain water.  The group not drinking hydrogen water did not improve, but stayed the same or got worse.


The group drinking hydrogen water improved during the first month while drinking hydrogen water.


Now, here’s where it gets “woo-woo:”

During the second month, the researchers stopped giving the hydrogen water group hydrogen water – switching them to plain water.  They continued to improve!


There are many mysteries about hydrogen – and the above is one of the mysteries.

In our opinion, if we had a knee with arthritis or hands with it, we would wet a wash cloth with fresh hydrogen water and wrap that knee for 5 minutes or so, several times a day.  For the hands, we'll emerge them in hydrogen water.


Hydrogen water is often criticized on the internet because articles typically say, “There isn’t enough research – just drink clean water.”


Now, that might be sound advice if the subject is some “big pharma” drug. 


Hydrogen is impossible to overdose.  Hydrogen is super safe at the concentrations used in hydrogen water.  There is zero downside to drinking hydrogen water.


The Japanese are smart.  They use hydrogen water for many treatments in their hospitals.  They use hydrogen water in open heart surgery to minimize the damage from stopping the heart.  It is said that 40% of the Japanese population use hydrogen water.

We have written an ebook about how to make your own organic hydrogen water that will test between 3.0 and 9.0 PPM – while tasting great - for 7 cents a serving.


Every evening we take 10 minutes or less, to make eight 16 ounce bottles of hydrogen water – at a cost of 7 cents per 8 ounce glass.


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