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​Hydrogen is beneficial to health.  The market for hydrogen water products is exploding.  The last thing you want to do is to consume a product when you're not sure what is in it.


​One of the more popular product types used to make hydrogen water is H2 water tablets.  These tablets, (typically) contain malic acid, (derived from fruit) and elemental magnesium - nothing wrong with that - except that the malic acid, in the vast majority of cases, is not organic.

​So, what's the problem? 


The hydrogen water tablet makers want their tablets to dissolve quickly in 8 ounces of water.  This is because Americans can't wait for anything! 


To facilitate fast action, the tablet manufacturers experiment with additional additives - some of which may not be so good for you.  All we're saying is, you need to know what you're ingesting.  Be aware, some of the hydrogen water tablet makers will NOT tell you everything that is in their tablets.




​​There are expensive, ($1,000 to $5,000) machines that make hydrogen water.  Most of these machines do a fair job of producing hydrogen.  The hydrogen water machines use electrolysis, (dissimilar metals are exposed to electricity, splitting the hydrogen out of the water).


However, if the machine you’re considering does not use a special membrane to remove chlorine gas – which is a by-product of the process – you may be drinking some chlorine with your hydrogen.


Also, the metal plates inside the machines become coated and must be cleaned every 2 weeks or so, (a chore) or the hydrogen production will decline and eventually stop.


Obviously, the harm to you is when you come to a point where the hydrogen content is so low or gone – you won’t be getting any hydrogen into your body.




Hydrogen tablets and some hydrogen sticks and bottles use the reaction of malic acid and magnesium to make hydrogen.


When this reaction happens, magnesium malate is created.  It is one of many types of magnesium supplements.  It is considered to be the most absorbable of all.  It has a long list of benefits.


Most experts agree, the vast majority of Americans are not getting enough magnesium from their diet.  Magnesium malate is very helpful to the body – including for heart health.


So where’s the harm?

Magnesium is very difficult to overdose with because our bodies flush the excess out through our bowels.  In other words, too much magnesium can cause lose bowels or even diarrhea. 


If you are using a hydrogen water bottle generator or hydrogen tablets that use the magnesium and malic acid reaction, start slow, with just one serving in the morning or evening and evaluate: are you okay? 


If so, progress to drinking two 8 ounce servings of hydrogen each day.  If two servings a day are upsetting your bowels back down to one serving for a while before attempting two servings again.  Eventually, your body will tolerate more magnesium.



What is considered the most beneficial amount of hydrogen water to drink each day?


Tyler W. LeBaron is a hydrogen scientist and Director of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute and Dr. Mercola - they agree it is best to drink about one liter of hydrogen water each day.  It should be as rich in hydrogen as possible. 


What is the potential harm for you?


It is because most people think they can drink one 8 ounce glass of hydrogen water a day and they’ll get real benefits from it.  You need to drink a liter of H2 water each day or you're kidding yourself. 




Drinking hydrogen water on a full stomach or with a meal is not a good idea.  It is very common to experience indigestion.  Most people find this to be mild indigestion.  However, if you’re sensitive, you may not be a happy camper. 


In our opinion, get the habit from the beginning of drinking hydrogen water, to drink it only on an empty stomach.



Science is discovering this about us humans:  we require a pulse effect in many areas of our lives.  Conversely, we seem to be creatures that value consistency and constancy.


Pulsing assures the body does not adapt to what you’re putting in it.  We don’t know how many areas of our life pulsing is beneficial. 


Dr. Mercola is a big fan of the ketogenic diet.  The purpose of the “keto diet” is to get the body to start burning ketones by stopping sugar consumption and eating very little carbohydrates.


Dr. Mercola warns his readers to introduce more carbohydrates two times a week, so that the body will return to consuming sugar, (from carbohydrates) so that the body doesn’t adapt to ketosis – thereby diminishing the beneficial effect of ketosis.


Tyler W. LeBaron and Dr. Mercola agree: drink ½ liter of hydrogen water early in the day and another ½ liter in the afternoon or evening – and NO hydrogen water in between.

If you can’t drink ½ liter at a time, drink ¼ liter, wait 20 minutes and drink the other 1/4.     



Are you a sucker for marketing gimmicks?  Expensive hydrogen water machines are expensive because sales people are given lucrative sales commissions.


These expensive machines produce relatively low hydrogen content.  Hydrogen is commonly measured in Parts Per Million.  A typical expensive machine may make H2 at about 1.0 to 2.0 PPM. 


In other words, you pay a lot.  You do a lot of maintenance.  You don’t get much of what you paid all that money for.


Where’s the harm?  It is your wallet, (primarily).


We have written an ebook about how to make your own organic hydrogen water that will test between 3.0 and 9.0 PPM – while tasting great - for 7 cents a serving.


Every evening we take 10 minutes or less, to make eight 16 ounce bottles of hydrogen water – at a cost of 7 cents per 8 ounce glass.


We are on a mission to get affordable hydrogen water to everyone.  Please click here: www.H2hack.com


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