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If you have heart disease, you're probably on one of many statin drugs.

You're told by the pharmaceutical drug companies - in their ads and through your doctor - that you will reduce your risk of heart attack by "X percent" because it depends upon the scientific study which involved a particular statin. 


The reduction of risk may be stated as "36%" or "44%," for example.

So, you do as you're told and you take your statin called, (insert drug name here).


Are you aware of the side effects of the statin you're taking?


You should Google your favorite statin and read about the side effects.

After long term use, your chances of becoming diabetic or getting breast cancer, are increased.  Here are some other potential side effects:

  • erectile dysfunction

  • unusual muscle pain or cramps

  • tiredness

  • fever

  • dark urine

  • diarrhea

  • memory loss or confusion

  • increased blood sugar, which can lead to diabetes

  • kidney or liver damage

You may say: 


"I'm reducing my heart attack risk by 36% so I'll take my chances."


The problem is, the study that found a 36% risk reduction is FLAWED.  The actual risk reduction is between 0.3% to 2% - NOT 36%.  In fact, all the statin studies paid for by the big pharmaceutical companies are currupted.    

To understand this clearly, please watch the video below.


Is this hard to believe?


You should judge for yourself by watching this important video:













If you'd like to go deeper into why cholesterol may not be the cause of heart disease, please look up Dr. David Diamond - a neroscientist.  You can find him on You Tube.

Also, Professor Peskin - if you want to know why it is omega 6 you need.

If statins are not the answer, what can you do?

We are NOT saying, "drink hydrogen rich water and you'll be good."

In our opinion and in the opinion of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, hydrogen will probably help you.  AND it won't hurt you.

Yes, there are over 1,000 studies on the effects of hydrogen in the body - and it is said that there are indications hydrogen is helpful with 170 diseases and conditions and every organ of the human body.  Check out this short video:

The aorta is the main artery that carries blood away from your heart to the rest of your body. After the blood leaves the heart through the aortic valve, it travels through the aorta, making a cane-shaped curve that connects with other major arteries to deliver oxygen-rich blood to the brain, muscles, and other cells.


Scientific study:

Administration of hydrogen-rich water prevents vascular aging of the aorta in LDL receptor-deficient mice

Ikuroh Ohsawa et al. revealed that drinking H2-rich water for 4 months reduced atherosclerotic lesion in apolipoprotein E knockout mice (ApoE-/- mice).

This short video is remarkable and worth watching.  The transcript is below.

“My name is Mike McCullough.  I'm a doctor of internal medicine.  I've been in practice in Dallas for 35 years, trained here at UT southwestern.  


I've been trying to take care of Mr. Rutman for many years.


He's had several known problems, particularly underlying heart disease and during the last 8 months, he’s had two cardiac episodes that have required a stent to be put in his coronary arteries.


Some six months ago he had a major issue with a stent.  It required opening and hospitalization and re-catheterization, which required a further stent in his heart.


He also had an abnormal stress test before his visit to the cardiologist that prompted his hospital admission in the first place, and is “as usual,” following a stent.


He went into some self-imposed rehab.  He had another stress Echo, done - the basis of which he went for 6 minutes and developed abnormalities on his EKG with shortness of breath.


He also, at the time of his catheterization - the most recent admission - had clotting in his circulation to his left leg.  As a result of that, it caused pain on walking - literally just walking across the room.


A stress test that he had done post stenting - this last go around - was also discontinued, not only because of the an abnormal EKG, but because he had pain in his leg from the walking episodes - trying to execute on a stationary bicycle for this stretch test.


Anyway, he could only go for six minutes when those changes occurred and he was discontinued consistent with his problem and consistent with the fact that he had on-going heart disease.


He had, since then, been taking hydrogenated water and a hydrogen product that he's developed - that is a potent antioxidant and it's really not been used medically because of the inability to get into any kind of a liquid solution or get it into the body in a usable form to have any effect.


After five months using [hydrogen water], a repeat stress test was done yesterday.  No change in medication.  A cardiologist, board certified doing the test - and knew nothing of what had transpired previously.

Since there wasn't any change in medication the cardiologist was not looking for something to change. However, he was able to go a full 12 minutes on an exercise program and his cardiac function basically normal.


His heart has an ejection fraction of 76%. No EKG changes. No rhythm disturbances. No symptoms.  He could have gone longer, but discontinued because the information that was needed was obtained.


It was an astounding response.  I would emphasize; no other change other than having taken hydrogenated water every day for five months, period.


At the end of that time, the cardiologist wanted to get some hydrogenated water for himself and asked me about my response to hydrogen water.  I told him I was already taking it because I'm having my knees replaced in one week.

I've been on hydrogen water now for about 10 days and I plan on staying on it until I'm back in the office following rehab.  No one really understands or knows the reason for the response to a small amount of hydrogen introduced into the system.


But it is known that it is the most potent antioxidant known to man.  It's hard to document without a lot of research and that kind of thing.


There had been articles to that effect.  It had been known already, for years but had been ignored.  There's no reason that people can't take it. It's not required by prescription.


It's perfectly safe, no side effects, and no allergies.  In fact, it probably would blunt any side effects or allergies because of its antioxidant effect.


The remarkable results from this test - with the loss of the cramping from provocation - and the function - the performance of his heart on a documented stress test is remarkable.”










Medical Disclaimer:  Please consult your  doctor or other medical professional before using any supplement.  Hydrogen water or any supplement cannot cure any disease or condition.  Only pharmaceutical drugs and procedures performed by medical doctors can do that.  However, some supplements may give the body what it needs to help itself.  We are research writers - not health professionals.  What we speak or write is simply our opinion.  We are not prescribing or giving medical advice - here or anywhere.  The above content:

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