Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water by Nobel Prize Nominee Dr GARTH NICOLSON Ph D



What the hell is hydrogen?


It is the smallest molecule on the periodic table of elements.  Just about all the elements are metals.  Scientist believe hydrogen will go from being a gas into a solid metal if enough pressure is applied . . . check out this short video about that: 















How did you do in organic chemistry?


If you’re like we are and you didn’t take chemistry, much less organic chemistry – so if that’s the case – relax because this post is written for you.


The hydrogen molecule is 50,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.  It is so small it will penetrate or move through plastic and glass.


What the hell is hydrogen water?


Hydrogen water is an up and coming health supplement.  Hydrogen gas can be put into or “impressed” into regular water – but more about this in a minute. 


When people drink hydrogen water, where does the hydrogen go?


For now, let’s imagine you just drank some water that has some free hydrogen, (hydrogen that is not bound with an oxygen atom, (causing the hydrogen to be bound up in water – H20).


The hydrogen is IN your body, knocking around, doing its thing.  Eventually, it is time for this tiny molecule to leave your body – it wants to go home – just like ET wanted to go home.







How does the hydrogen leave your body?


Primarily, it leaves through your lungs – you just breathe it out along with CO2.  The question is, where does it go once it leaves your beautiful body?


Is hydrogen lighter than air?


Hydrogen is 14 times lighter than air, with the highest lifting capacity of any gas.  ET would be able to take his bike - if ET was all hydrogen molecules.  So, hydrogen goes UP. 


Imagine you’re sitting in your living room when you breathe out – and a hydrogen molecule leaves your mouth.  Straight up it goes – easily penetrating the drywall on the ceiling. 


It moves through the insulation in your attic.  It hits the plywood sheeting on your roof and goes right through it.  It doesn’t matter what your roof is made of – it zips right through your roof material and heads for the clouds.

How fast does hydrogen rise?

This is where it gets interesting . . . the hydrogen molecule collides with other gases as it continues to climb to toward the top of the bubble that is our atmosphere. 


Each time the hydrogen molecule collides with another gas like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, (CO2) and many others, it accelerates – until finally, it is going fast enough to break through the Kármán line - the boundary between Earth's atmosphere and outer space – at about 62 miles above sea level.


Like a very tiny rocket ship, the hydrogen molecule that left your lungs and out your mouth reaches terminal velocity and is free of the bounds of Earth.


Finally, the tiny hydrogen molecule is home – because 75% of all matter in the UNIVERSE is hydrogen. (25% is helium - helium is made when hydrogen fueled sun bursts project off the surface of the sun.).


Is free molecular hydrogen common in our atmosphere?

Free hydrogen which is not bound to other atoms to make other elements is rare on earth.  Hydrogen makes up just 21% of our tiny atmosphere.


Hydrogen – (much of it is part of the water inside our bodies) accounts about 61% of our bodies.


Can you see that God must have intended us to learn to use hydrogen for more than making powerful bombs like the hydrogen bomb? 


Why do we think that?


Because hydrogen water, (which was just “rediscovered” in 2008) turns out to be helpful in fighting or correcting more than 170 diseases and conditions.


And because we all know "the race is on" to make hydrogen “the fuel” for humans – for everything from cars to electrical generation to heating our homes - and for our health.


Why is it such a great idea to use hydrogen? 


When hydrogen cars go down the road – instead of carbon monoxide - the exhaust is water. Using hydrogen solves the CO2 emissions problem.


Has the CO2 global warming problem been solved with hydrogen, (H2)?


No, not yet.


Japan is leading the way in making a “hydrogen economy” by building hydrogen cars, buses and trucks – and many other devices that currently use other fuels – and they are working hard to solve the one, (BIG) remaining problem: how to make hydrogen economically.


How much does hydrogen cost right now?


Right now, hydrogen is about twice the cost of gasoline.  Most hydrogen for industrial uses is made using natural gas and steam.  It currently requires MORE energy to make hydrogen than the energy contained in the hydrogen that is made.


In the current situation, because of cost of making hydrogen, electric cars still have hydrogen cars beat for efficiency.

Also, the process to make “clean hydrogen” is not totally clean.  It is relatively clean, because natural gas is about the cleanest hydrocarbon you get.


What will be the answer to producing hydrogen gas economically?


It will probably be a technological break through around the electrolysis method, (exposing dissimilar metals to an electric current) and sea water will be the raw material to extract the hydrogen from.


Even though Hyundai and Toyota are already selling hydrogen powered cars, it isn’t practical yet.  Here’s a test drive on the Hyundai hydrogen powered car:



How did the current excitement about hydrogen water start?

The current craze around hydrogen water to drink as a health supplement, can probably be tied to a 2007 scientific study, (that wasn’t published until 2009) which remarkably indicated hydrogen gas reduced brain damage and inflammation after the blood supply was stopped to the brain and then restored. 


Scientist around the world were shocked, the news spread, and here we are. 

Most of the research has been done in Japan because Prime Minister Abe saw hydrogen as the future and pressed the research and industrial sectors to pursue hydrogen. 


Korea has also done considerable research. Drinking  hydrogen water is big in Korea and Japan. 40% of the Japanese drink hydrogen water.  It is widely used in Japanese hospitals – including during open heart surgery to help reduce damage caused to a stopped heart.


How many scientific studies have been done?


By some estimates, there are about 1,400 scientific studies and some say the amount of studies may be doubling each year.  


What is Molecular Hydrogen?


Free molecular hydrogen is H2 gas.  It is 2 atoms, (diatomic – meaning two).  It is “free” when it is not part of another gas or molecule, like water. 


If you put hydrogen water in a plastic drinking bottle and seal the lid, the hydrogen will be gone in a couple of hours.  You can store it in a sealed glass container – but it will leave the glass container completely in a few days.


When poured into an open drinking glass, it leaves the glass completely in a matter of minutes, so it is very important to drink it quickly.


The H2 molecule is neutral – it is not an ion.  An ion is an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.  H2 is balanced or neutral.


Is hydrogen water alkaline water?


It has nothing to do with the PH. It will not change the PH of water. The PH of your body has nothing to do with how H2 affects the body.  It is NOT structured water.  


Is hydrogen water good for you?



The alkaline water movement is not true and has no basis in science.  You can’t change your body PH no matter how hard you try.  Your body must stay in a very narrow range of PH or you will die.  Your body will sacrifice bone or anything to keep that PH range.


You may say, “I have a friend who got better after drinking water from an alkaline water machine – so now you’re telling me it doesn’t work?” 


A study was done about this.  It was discovered that electrolysis machines producing alkaline water also produce a small amount of hydrogen.


If you do have a friend who got better drinking machine-produced alkaline water, it was the hydrogen in that water that made them better – NOT the alkalinity!


The above knowledge has caused the alkaline water machine companies to remodel the machines and they are now marketing hydrogen water! 


Why is alkaline water still being sold?


It has been a few years since the study was done debunking alkaline water – but alkaline water is still being promoted and sold, (in Costco, for example).  We think this is because once a belief permeates the masses; it takes years to get the truth out about that belief.


Other examples are conventional antioxidants – it will be years before people stop taking them, (once they realize they are hurting themselves) and they replace conventional antioxidants with H2 water.


How much energy is in hydrogen?


H2 has 3 times more energy by volume than gasoline.  Think about the effort to produce hydrogen powered cars – it means that a gallon of hydrogen will take you 3 times further than gasoline.


Hydrogen powers the sun and the fusion produces helium.


Isn’t hydrogen dangerous to handle?  Is drinking it dangerous?

Hydrogen is very volatile.  However, it must reach a concentration of at least 5% with ambient air, (the air we breathe), before it will explode when ignited.


Why did the Hindenburg air ship explode in New Jersey?

You probably know about the giant Nazi air ship – the Hindenburg of the 1930s.  It was filled with hydrogen, way beyound 5%.  The Germans used hydrogen because the USA would not sell helium to the Nazis.  (Helium is inert – it cannot be burned). 


Are all gases lighter than air?

Hydrogen (obviously) is a lighter-than-air gas.  So is helium.  So is natural gas.  Not all gases are lighter than air.  Propane (for example) is heavier than air. 


That is why you’ll often see news items about a boat exploding in a marina. 

A propane leak will cause the propane to fill the hull of the boat from the bottom up. 


Typically, the owner opens the hatch, lights a cigarette or they turn on a light and boom!


What percentage of H2 will the hydrogen water you'll make contain?

The percentage of hydrogen in the hydrogen water you are or will drink is nowhere near 5%. The hydrogen we're writing about is typically 1.0 parts per million (PPM) to a high of about 9.0 PPM.  Even 8 PPM H2 water is far below 1%.


5% hydrogen water would be 5,000 PPM.

How strong should hydrogen water be to be therapeutic?


Hydrogen water at 0.5 PPM is considered the beginning of being therapeutically effective, however, the stronger the better.


A study on fatty liver disease showed hydrogen water reduced the fat.  The study started with hydrogen water that was about 0.3 Parts Per Million, (PPM) and no help was observed from hydrogen water.  They increased the hydrogen content to 0.8 PPM and got results. 


How much hydrogen is in the hydrogen tablets on the market?


Most of the hydrogen tablets you can buy will test at about 1.5 PPM to 2.5 PPM when dissolved in water – and that is as good as many of the very expensive $1,000 to $4,000 machines you can purchase.  The H2 tablets are typically $1 a piece - for an 8 ounce serving.

When you make your own, you’ll be making hydrogen water that will test at between 3.5 PPM and 9 PPM – and your cost will be just around 7 pennies per serving, including the cost of our ebook.  Our simple system makes organic H2 water that is between 3.5 and 9 PPM.  If you're interested, go to H2hack.com


Is it better to simply inhale hydrogen gas?


Some studies are done where the subjects inhale hydrogen gas.  However, the current consensus is that H2 dissolved in water and drank is more effective – up to 100 times more effective.


With that said, inhaling hydrogen gas does work.  It is probably because H2 gas contains many more times the hydrogen than most hydrogen water.


In 2009 a 2007 study was published in the esteemed Nature Medicine scientific publication.  It showed hydrogen prevented brain damage from ischemia reperfusion induced by a middle cerebral artery or corrosion in an animal model.


In the study the blood supply was cut to the brain causing brain damage.  The test subjects inhaled 2% hydrogen gas - H2 suppressed the brain damage.


What does the above example mean?


Hydrogen gas inhaled, (as opposed to drinking hydrogen water) has to be much stronger – like 1,000 times stronger.  2% hydrogen gas inhaled is 2,000 PPM!


Our knowledge gets a little thin here: is it better to inhale very strong hydrogen gas in

a medical emergency?  We think so.


Are there any studies that used H2 water topically?


There are probably others by now . . . a study was done with 41 plaque psoriasis patients.  They took three 15 minute baths a week for 5 weeks.  The bath water contained H2 at just 1.0 PPM.


The control group was about the same count.  They did the same thing minus hydrogen in their baths – they got zero H2.  Their condition stayed the same or worsened.


The H2 bath group experienced 75% or better improvement – and one subject became completely better.


What’s the point?


2 points: The first point is - H2 water can be effective when used topically.  And H2 can be effective at very low strength in water.


What is the main cause of bad health?


H2 lowers oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress causes inflammation.  Inflammation causes oxidative stress.  These are the two main ways human health gets destroyed.


H2 is the most effective and powerful antioxidant known to humanity.


If you take antioxidants now, why do you need hydrogen water?


So, think about this:  we have all been on an antioxidant train for over 30 years.  Do antioxidants, (and there are a lot of them and they are not cheap) work?


Yes, they do. 

They reduce free radicals, (basically, killing them or neutralizing them). 

However, they kill all kinds of oxidants or free radicals – without discrimination.

Isn't it good to kill ALL free radicals?

The latest thinking (based on many studies) is that we NEED some free radicals in a variety of locations in the body, for good health.  They are used by the body to maintain homeostasis, (think of yen and yang or balance or homeostasis).


Long term studies show that people who take antioxidants don’t have any changes or very small changes, (like improved longevity, reduced incidence of heart disease - in the group taking conventional antioxidants long term - compared to the group not taking them). 


Other results show slightly positive changes.  Others show shorter life spans for those who take antioxidants.


What happens when you take a lot of conventional antioxidants? 


You kill off the “good” free radicals in your body.  It may be hard to understand, but it turns out the body needs some oxidation stress.


What can happen when you swallow to many convetional free radicals?


In one study, the group taking the antioxidants got sick.  A couple of people came down with lung cancer and one died – it scared the pee out of the scientists who stopped the study!


What makes hydrogen water any different – as an antioxidant?


H2 neutralizes the worse oxidants or free radicals - hydroxyl free radicals – the one that causes the most damage, (as well as others).


H2 KNOWS which antioxidants to eliminate and which to leave alone.  Science doesn’t know exactly how this works – yet.


Should you stop taking conventional antioxidants?


We can’t give you medical advice.  However, you might consider dropping the conventional antioxidant products you’re currently taking.  If you supplement with H2 water, you don’t need them.


Now, is this crazy?


H2 ACTS like an antioxidant.  However, it is not an antioxidant.  It will take many more studies to determine exactly how it works.


How long does hydrogen work in your body before it is gone?


A study was done with rheumatoid arthritis patients who had not had the disease for too long.  Study participants who had the disease for a long time were not used in the study because the disease destroys joints over time – making recovery nearly impossible.


If you know someone with rheumatoid arthritis, and they have not had it too long, please send them to www.H2HACK.com.    


Here’s the crazy part of the rheumatoid arthritis study:


The subjects drank hydrogen water every day for a month.  The second month, they drank plain water.  However, their markers continued to improve - showing continued reduction of RA for the next MONTH – without H2!


Why would they continue to improve without the H2? 


Science doesn’t know – yet.   


How long is the list of things of H2 helps?


170 different human and animal diseases can be helped with H2.  It helps every organ in the body.   Unlike drugs and even some supplements, H2 mechanisms help a wide spectrum.


For example, ionizing radiation, (and many other bad actors in our body, including pesticides), are converted to hydroxyl free radicals – the worse kind of oxidant or free radical - and H2 knocks them out.  It turns them into water. Source:


Where does radiation come from?


Radiation, EMF, (Electro Motive Force), and microwave outputs have many sources.  Get an X-ray.  Soak up the sun for too long and at the wrong time of day.  Fly at 35,000 feet.  Talk on your cell phone.  Sit near a router or live on top of a router bank in a big building.  You will be radiated! 


Will 5G internet cause MORE cancer?

EMF has a microwave effect.  5G is coming soon to your neighborhood and health damaging implications are ominous.


Even with 4G, there are many cases of people living near banks of routers getting cancer.  Cancer just took the number one spot for cause of death, beating out heart disease, (September 2019). 


700,000 people in America die from cancer each year.


We are nearly at: 1 in 2 people will get cancer during their lifetimes – and the same for dogs.


The media does not report on Japanese radiation flowing out of Fukashima, into the ocean and hitting California, Oregon, and many other places. 


Every time you fly, you’re exposed to ionizing radiation.  It becomes the worse free radical you can have.  Hydrogen knocks it out. 


Is radiation from the sun always at the same level?

Radiation exposure from flying is worse than ever, (in 2019) because the sun is having far fewer sun flares. 


Sun flares eject from the sun, increasing the strength of magnetic fields around earth, which protect us from high radiation levels. The higher you fly the more radiation you’ll get.


Aren’t sun flares dangerous for earth?


The danger from sun flares talked about in the media are about sun flares knocking out electronics – including power grid controls, on earth.


Are sun flares bad for us?

It seems that many things are both good and bad for us . . .  like free radicals in our body, for example - so, you can put sun flares in that category. 


Where else are we getting more ionizing radiation?


The sun entered a Solar Minimum in 2019.  Basically, the sun takes a nap. During the solar minimum, warming is reduced.  (Don’t believe the lies about global warming – the primary cause of climate change is changes in the sun’s cycle).  We're not saying we should not reduce Co2 emissions for many reasons - we should. 


Yes, we should reduce our carbon output and U.S. is the leader in doing that.  China is a huge offender.


Instituting a carbon tax to make the “one percenters” more filthy rich while further strangling the masses is not the answer.  It is simply a SCAM.  (Follow the money).

Why does the sun "feel" hotter now?

As we head toward a very cold winter, the sun “feels” hotter on your skin than in the past.  And you’ll burn faster in the sun.  This is because radiation is increased during a solar minimum which comes with greatly reduced sun flares. 


Less heat reaches the earth during solar minimum, but more radiation reaches the earth causing sun burn more quickly. 


This is because sun flares increase heat and make the magnetic field stronger.  The earth’s magnetic field blocks some of the radiation, but less is blocked when the sun isn’t ejecting sun flares toward earth to strengthen the earth’s magnetic field.


So, is sun bad or good for you?


You NEED sun exposure to make vitamin D3 and for more reasons.  However, stay out of the sun between 11am and 4pm, when radiation, (gamma rays) are most intense. 


Drink hydrogen water.  Sun screen is a bad joke.  Studies show that sun screen can CAUSE skin cancer – but hey - you won’t get a sun burn!


Does everything put on your skin ends up in your blood stream?


Yes.  But you do need the sun, for many reasons.  Just don’t overdo it and do it between the hours above.


How can you protect your skin? 


When Professor Peskin speaks, (look him up on You Tube) - he says that supplementing with omega 6 helps protect the skin.  Your skin is made of omega 6.


Why is hydrogen so mysterious?


The effect of H2 is antioxidant-like, (it reduces oxidative stress) – but it apparently does not take action against free radicals in the same way conventional antioxidants do. 


Oxidation and oxidative reduction apparently need to be balanced for optimum health.  Just like a battery, you have a negative and you have a positive.


You can't have just a negative electrode or just a positive electrode. The body is the same. The cells are the same. You have to have an oxidation and reduction and that's how everything works.

Do cells communicate?


Cell communication is everything.  When that balance gets disrupted - with either too much oxidation or too much reduction - you get oxidative stress and inflammation.

If you do not have enough oxidative power - your plasma cubiculum - which folds the proteins – they will not fold correctly – one major cause of disease and aging.



Protein folding is the process by which a protein gets its functional shape or 'conformation'.  It is mainly a self-organizing process. Starting from a random coil, polypeptides fold into their characteristic working shape. The structure is held together by hydrogen bonds.


Redox is a process in which one substance or molecule is reduced and another oxidized; oxidation and reduction considered together as complimentary processes.

Redox dysregulation is a disruption of redox.

Source: Wikipedia

What is part of the cause of ageing? 

Ageing and disease are really associated with dysregulation.  A redox dysregulation is not so much an excessive amount of free radicals as it is a redox dysregulation. That's the real issue with aging and diseases – when the mechanism that regulates free radicals is not working correctly.


Why do we need some free radicals?


Most people don’t understand this: we need free radicals.  Studies have shown you can actually suffer from too much oxidative stress and too much reductive stress or not enough oxidative potential, not only in the same body or the same Organ, but in the exact same cell.

Clinical studies and animal studies show that hydrogen does improve the redox status in the cell when it is needed.


How does hydrogen improve redox status?


It's not done through conventional radical scavenging activity. Hydrogen acts by helping cells that are out of balance to get back to neutral. 


When scientist study cell reactions to molecular hydrogen – using healthy, balanced cells, the hydrogen does nothing. 


If the same cells are introduced to stress, hydrogen acts to correct the problem, even if the cell contains free radicals – as long as the cell needs the free radicals and is in balance – in which case, hydrogen doesn’t mess with it.


Conversely, conventional antioxidant supplements will take out the free radical in the balanced cell containing free radicals – hurting or damaging the cell’s function.

Can hydrogen water prevent arterial sclerosis?

Drinking hydrogen rich water was found to be very effective at preventing the development of arterial sclerosis.



The following video is transcribed below the video.















My name is Dr. McCullough. I'm a doctor of internal medicine. I've been in practice in Dallas for 35 years, trained here at UT southwestern.  I've been trying to take care of Mr. Rutman for many years.


He's had several known problems, particularly underlying heart disease and in the last  eight months, he’s had two cardiac episodes that have required a stent to be put in his coronary arteries.


Some six months ago he had a major issue with a stent. It required opening and hospitalization and re-catheterization, which required a further stent in his heart.


He also had an abnormal stress test before his visit to the cardiologist, that prompted his hospital admission in the first place, and is “as usual,” following a stent.


He went into some self-imposed rehab. He had another stress Echo, done - the basis of which he went for six minutes and developed abnormalities on his EKG with shortness of breath.


He also, at the time of his catheterization - the most recent admission - had clotting in his circulation to his left leg.  As a result of that, it caused pain on walking - literally just walking across the room.

A stress test that he had done post stenting - this last go around - was also discontinued, not only because of the an abnormal EKG, but because he had pain in his leg from the walking episodes - trying to execute on a stationary bicycle for this stretch test.


Anyway, he could only go for six minutes when those changes occurred and he was discontinued consistent with his problem and consistent with the fact that he had on-going heart disease.


He had, since then, been taking hydrogenated water and a hydrogen product that he's developed - that is a potent antioxidant and it's really not been used medically because of the inability to get into any kind of a liquid solution or get it into the body in a usable form to have any effect.


After five months using [hydrogen water], a repeat stress test was done yesterday.  No change in medication.  A cardiologist, board certified doing the test - and knew nothing of what had transpired previously.

Since there wasn't any change in medication the cardiologist was not looking for something to change. However, he was able to go a full 12 minutes on an exercise program and his cardiac function basically normal.


His heart has an ejection fraction of 76%. No EKG changes. No rhythm disturbances. No symptoms.  He could have gone longer, but discontinued because the information that was needed was obtained.


It was an astounding response.  I would emphasize; no other change other than having taken hydrogenated water every day for five months, period.


At the end of that time, the cardiologist wanted to get some hydrogenated water for himself and asked me about my response to hydrogen water.  I told him I was already taking it because I'm having my knees replaced in one week.


I've been on hydrogen water now for about 10 days and I plan on staying on it until I'm back in the office following Rehab.  No one really understands or knows the reason for the response to a small amount of hydrogen introduced into the system.


But it is known that it is the most potent antioxidant known to man.  It's hard to document without a lot of research and that kind of thing.


There had been articles to that effect. It had been known already, for years but had been ignored.  There's no reason that people can't take it. It's not required by prescription.


It's perfectly safe, no side effects, and no allergies.  In fact, it probably would blunt any side effects or allergies because of its antioxidant effect.


The remarkable results from this test - with the loss of the cramping from provocation - and the function - the performance of his heart on a documented stress test is remarkable.


This next video is a quick review of the scientific research done regarding the heart and heart disease:

How does hydrogen help the brain?


Hydrogen helps PR production of superoxide in the hippocampus of the brain.


Can hydrogen keep some free radicals from being produced?


When free radicals become hyper activated - chronically stimulated - we have high levels of free radicals and subsequent inflammation that is very damaging to the cell and causes cell death, (apoptosis).


Hydrogen is able to down regulate this entity - the PH oxidase system – and uses other pathways to actually prevent excessive free radicals from being produced in the first place. 


In other words:

Hydrogen can slow the original production of damaging free radicals – in addition to neutralizing damaging free radicals.

Is hydrogen water good to drink for preventative health?


This is prevention - the best way for good health.  It is just one way hydrogen can help mitigate and improve the redox status of the cell, and hydrogen is acting as an antioxidant.


What other tricks does hydrogen use?

There are apparently many more mechanisms or ways that hydrogen acts like an antioxidant – while discriminating – unlike conventional antioxidants – which do not discriminate.


Another way is the NRF 2 pathway.  This is a transcription factor that when it's activated it goes into the nucleus and binds to the DNA.


When it binds to the antioxidant response element, it then induces the transcription further of cyto-protective enzymes like, glutathione superoxide dismutase catalyst, glutathione peroxidase, phase two enzymes, and oxygenase – and many more.


Can hydrogen help Metabolic Syndrome?



Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. These conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.  Source: Mayo Clinic


During a study of Metabolic Syndrome - they found that the subjects drinking hydrogen water had about a 43% increase in extracellular superoxide dismutase.


Can a drug be made using hydrogen?


Maybe, some may be made. 


Do you know what the # 3 cause of death is – after heart disease and cancer?


It is officially: doctors.  A Harvard research doctor wrote a book a few years ago proving this beyond question.


It looks like this is the # 5 cause of death may be:

Analysis estimated 128,000 Americans die each year as a result of taking medications as prescribed – or nearly five times the number of people killed by overdosing on Prescription painkillers and heroin.


Maybe it would be better to stop making already effective alternative health remedies into pharmaceutical drugs - because the track record isn’t so good, is it? 


Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, hydrogen makes gentle changes.  It is safe.  It is effective.  It is very inexpensive – especially when you make your own at 7 cents a glass.  Visit: H2hack.com


Many people do see some differences right away when they start drinking hydrogen water – but the changes accumulate the longer you drink hydrogen water.  Give it a few months before judging it.


How will you know hydrogen water is helping you?


The human condition is such that when a problem goes away, we quickly forget we had the problem.  It is very important to write down everything that is bothering you BEFORE you start drinking hydrogen water.  Look at that list after 30 days of drinking hydrogen water daily.


If you’re really healthy will you see positive changes with hydrogen water?

If you decide to drink hydrogen water and you’re very healthy, you may not see a lot changes.  However, it is a preventative – a guard against future assaults on your health.


If you were to give hydrogen to a cell or a human that's healthy and you look at the NRF 2 activation or the glutathione levels, often you may actually see no change at all if the cells are already healthy.


As soon as you are to induce some sort of a toxin - radiation or some environmental pesticide type toxin, which we see in some of these studies, that's when you start to see  hydrogen helped prevent downregulation or the decrease of glutosiome or superoxide levels or superoxide dismutase level in the cell.


Is it possible that using hydrogen water could stop some of the damage from all the pesticides we eat from industrial food production?




Can hydrogen counter NRF 2 signaling?


NRF 2 increases conventional antioxidant response in a cell that needs balance – and it needs oxidation, in balance. This is important because it's not good to have a constituent Tivoli active NRF 2 signaling. That's really bad. You have to have a balance: redox balance, redox homeostasis.

Conversely - with hydrogen it knows. 


A study published in Free Radical Research showed base levels of oxidative stress in the cell.  They added hydrogen and nothing changed because the cell did not have a problem. 


A conventional antioxidant would have lowered the base level oxidation – decreasing health because the cell needs that base level of oxidation. 


Can hydrogen help you fight off radiation damage, repairing DNA?


Next they administered radiation.  In the slide it showed a marker of DNA damage. Hydrogen normalized the cell – repairing the DNA.


It means that there are going to be times in your life when you are going to be exposed to ionizing radiation stress or other toxins.  So you're getting an X-ray, you get a cat scan, you're flying at 35,000 feet where you’re exposed to gamma rays.

So what are the implications for that?


According to this study, if you have taken a therapeutic dose of hydrogen water, you can radically lower the damage from ionizing radiation.  Drink it right before you fly.


Why do we get health benefits when we drink hydrogen water, (if we already make a lot of it)?


Our bodies make about 2.5 liters in our gut, each day.


Science is working on it – but it is still a mystery why the addition of free molecular hydrogen into a body full of it, is a health benefit – but it is!


Why should you NOT drink hydrogen water all day?

A study conducted at Nagoya University in Japan on the effects of hydrogen water in the Parkinson's disease model, they showed that continuous administration of hydrogen in the air was not effective at preventing the Parkinson's disease. 


Intermittent exposure was effective. 


That’s why you should drink hydrogen first thing in the morning and again in the late afternoon or early evening. 


Don’t drink it all the time – just twice a day - and as strong as you can get – and the hydrogen you make in your kitchen will be the strongest.


When the study switched to drinking hydrogen rich water – results were much better than inhaling hydrogen gas – and that’s why you should not inhale hydrogen gas.


Why is intermittent exposure so important?

Hydrogen does appear to be more of a gaseous signal modulator.  And the way signal modulators work is it needs to have this intermittent type exposure to get habituation - subsequent attenuation of the signal.


It seems to be related to some universal biological phenomena that really requires this intermittent cycling, pulsing effect.


Are there other health remedies that should use a pulse cycle?

Dr. Mercola wrote a book, “Fat For Fuel,” which talks about helping people get into ketosis because it's so therapeutically beneficial.  But you can make mistake thinking:  “if it's so good, let’s do continuously.” 


If you do Ketosis continuously it stops working and you get worse - you actually get worse with Ketosis. 


That's why you have to cycle in extra carbohydrates a few times a week once you have reached Ketosis – you have to “pulse” ketosis and you have to pulse hydrogen, by putting many hours between servings.


Get started making organic hydrogen water.  Please visit: H2hack.com .


We are very thankful to Dr. Mercola and Tyler W. LeBaron for their knowledge.  Please consider buying any books they write.


Dr. Mercola is at:  www.Mercola.com


Tyler LeBaron is at:  www.MolecularHydrogenInstitute.com.

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